best dog food for pitbulls

10 Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

So, you’re wondering what the best dog food for pitbulls is. You know that if you feed her without considering her dietary needs, health concerns, or ingredients she might react badly to, you might make her life miserable.  Typical of most dog breeds, pitbulls are unique. Energetic and active are their most common attributes, but they are also lovable and ...

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best dog food for labs

5 Best Dog Food For Labs

Your dog’s wellbeing says a lot about you as their owner. None of us here would enjoy being looked at as a terrible pet parent, yet that’s where you might find yourself if you fail to learn what the best dog food for labs is. It might sound dramatic, but it’s true…If she has poor nutrition, your lab will look ...

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best dog food for allergies

5 Best Dog Food For Allergies

A cold welcome from your pet! Ever faced that? When she can’t even look you in the eye or bother about your surprises? If you have or know that feeling when your best friend or partner suddenly doesn’t love you back, then you’ll want to know about dog allergies and how to kick them out (with just food). Allergies can ...

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wellness dog food reviews

Wellness Dog Food Reviews

Let’s face it, shopping for a dog food today is not as simple as it should be. Why are there so many to choose from? While this should be a good problem to have (so many choices!), it most often is not because quality standards can differ greatly between recipes and brands. Sometimes, even the more established brands you have ...

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best dog food for small dogs

Best Dog Food For Small Dogs

My guess is you want nothing but the best for your tiny furry buddy. Right? Whether it’s a Shitzu, a Chihuahua, or any other canine from this small breed family, seeing these little fellows healthy, active, and full of life definitely makes our days better. So, how do you make that possible? First, and most important, is nutrition. Given that ...

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best dog food for weight loss

Best Dog Food For Weight Loss

A cuddly pooch, with a few pounds of flesh and fat, is what all of us probably want for a pet, right? I do. On the other hand, a scrawny dog tells a tale of neglect or lack of love, and no dog owner wants to be that guy (or lady). But what if I told you that a fat ...

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best dog food for firm stools

Top 5 Best Dog Food For Firm Stools

Noticed any runny stool from your furry friend lately? Yes? That should be a cause of concern. If you’ve dealt with this before, I bet you share the same sentiments too. And if you’ve never experienced it, this is your chance to learn what’s the proper thing to do when that happens. A couple of causes, among them poor diet ...

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