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This section of Totally Goldens is home to all the general information on Golden Retrievers that I’ve written.

If you’re looking for facts and figures, or frequently asked questions, the breed standard, history of the breed or even researching how Golden Retrievers perform many important, life enhancing or life saving jobs for us, this is the section for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golden Retrievers

First of all, I am compiling an article to list the most frequently asked questions about Golden Retrievers.

This article will continually grow as more questions are asked both here and on the TotallyGoldens Facebook page. So check back often…and please suggest a question and answer to add to the article if you think it will be helpful to others:

The History And Origins Of The Golden Retriever

For those of you interested in the history of this beautiful breed, I’ve briefly covered the main facts here:

The Golden Retriever Breed Standard

What makes a Golden Retriever who they are? What should each body part look like? What color should they be? And how about their temperament?

All that and more is detailed in the following article:

General Breed Information

A collection of articles discussing fun, facts and general information about the Golden Retriever.

Golden Retriever 101 From Animal Planet

Some people like to read, others like to watch or listen. So to provide great information in an alternative format, please see the following video from Animal Planet.

It’s a fantastic introduction to many important aspects of the breed…and a joy to watch so many beautiful dogs in action in a single short film. Check it out!

Useful Resources

For further information on general Golden Retriever facts and figures, please see the following resources:

Golden Retriever Breed Information Archive

Below you’ll see all the breed information articles listed in date order, with the most recent on top, with image and a brief introduction.

At the bottom of the page are links to skip through previous pages of posts.

Please browse through the archive…I like to think there’s something interesting there for everyone :-)

Golden Retriever History - A Golden laying in the grass

The History Of The Golden Retriever

In comparison to many breeds, the history of the Golden Retriever is relatively new, originating from Scotland as recently as the mid to late 19th century. The hunting of wildfowl was highly popular among wealthy Scottish Gentry at the time. But due to the prevalent hunting grounds being very marshy and peppered with ponds, streams and rivers, existing breeds of ...

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Golden Retriever carrying a stick splashing through water

Is A Golden Retriever The Right Dog For You?

The Golden Retriever is a high-profile breed, regularly seen in the media and consistently making top 10 lists of popular breeds for many countries. They are working retrievers and assistance dogs as well as popular family pets. So they’re seen everywhere and are well-known and loved by many. But is a Golden Retriever the right dog for you? And are ...

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where is the best place to get a golden retriever? A pic of a litter of GR puppies

Where Is The Best Place To Get A Golden Retriever?

The decision to bring a dog into your family is one of the most life changing and important decisions you can ever make. It will have a major effect on your life for a decade or more. Hopefully you’ve already thoroughly researched whether a Golden Retriever is the right dog for you…and just as importantly whether you’re the right family ...

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A cute golden retriever puppy close up

Golden Retriever FAQ

This article collects the most frequently asked questions about the Golden Retriever into one easy to search and use article. The aim is not to give extensive, detail rich and comprehensive answers. It’s to give ‘quick and dirty answers’ to the most common questions a person may ask when researching the breed. For more comprehensive coverage of the questions asked, ...

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Golden Retriever Breed Standard - Side View of a Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever Breed Standard

A breed standard is a blueprint that describes how an ideal dog of a particular breed should look, how it should move and carry itself and it’s temperament and personality. It’s a set of rules made to try to ensure that a breed has consistency, stays true to it’s origins and is fit for the purpose for which it was ...

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Two golden retrievers sitting in front of a blurred backdrop of an autumnal forest

16 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers are Such Awesome Pets

There’s no doubt golden retrievers make wonderful pets, but what is it about them that has captured the hearts and minds of millions? There are countless great things about goldens, but we’ve tried to distill the essence of their lovely personalities down to sixteen points. It’s challenging, sure, but we think we’ve got it just about covered. Although every dog ...

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