How To Groom A Goldendoodle – Grooming Your Doodle At Home

Figuring out how to groom a goldendoodle at home can be quite overwhelming if you’re a newbie to owning a doodle.

Taking them to a professional groomer is an easy way for keeping your pooch looking and feeling good. But who says you can’t do the job at home?

Getting to grips with the basic grooming skills and having the right supplies means you can keep your goldendoodle looking less than shaggy when its coat grows too long!

It also means spending less money on visits to a professional groomer! 

Keeping your goldendoodle trimmed also helps control allergies in the household while ensuring your dog is in good health at all times.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about grooming a goldendoodle at home.

How to groom a goldendoodle

Goldendoodle Grooming: Why It Is Important

All dog breeds benefit from grooming, but goldendoodles need it more often than most other types of pooches.

This popular breed comes in different sizes – toy, miniature, and standard – and their coats can be curly, similar to the poodle, or long and straight like a golden retriever. 

Most doodles share the features of both poodles and golden retrievers making their coats a combination of curls, waves, and straight hair!

Grooming your doodle regularly is important for several key reasons, which I’ll cover in more detail below.

Grooming Keeps Your Goldendoodle Looking Good 

Goldendoodles have thick coats which don’t shed often. If not kept under control, it can result in a messy, shaggy, and tangled appearance!

Regular grooming, which includes brushing, bathing, and trimming your doodle ensures they look well-maintained, neat, and healthy at all times. 

Grooming Prevents Matting Of The Coat

Matting is a condition in dogs that develops when their coats get tangled and knotty. If left unattended, it can become uncomfortable and even painful for your doodle.

Your dog will be prone to more health problems, too, if their matting gets out of control.

Brushing your goldendoodle on a regular basis helps prevent messy and unpleasant mats in your dog’s coat. 

Grooming Reduces The Risk Of Skin Problems

It’s also important to note matting and dirty coats increase the risk of your doodle suffering skin problems.

These include fungal infections, open sores, and parasites. Grooming your doodle regularly allows you to keep an eye on your dog’s skin and catch any problems before they escalate into serious health concerns. 

Grooming Eliminates Bad Odors

All dogs begin to smell foul when they’re not bathed regularly, especially breeds with thick coats like goldendoodles.

If left unkempt, your doodle’s coat can become a haven for contaminants that contribute to bad odors.

Moisture buildup in matted coats is another culprit for bad-smelling dogs! In short, regular brushing and bathing keep your goldendoodle smelling clean and fresh. 

Grooming Keeps Your Goldendoodle Comfortable

With such thick coats, doodles can get uncomfortably hot during the summer months.

Regular brushing and trimming of their coats allow them to handle the heat better while maintaining a healthy body temperature in the winter months.

Goldendoodle grooming plays a vital role in keeping your dog healthy and comfortable at all times. 

The Benefits Of Grooming A Goldendoodle At Home

The Benefits Of Grooming A Goldendoodle At Home

Besides saving money on professional groomers’ bills, there are some other benefits to grooming your doodle at home.

For example, you get to bond one-on-one with your special four-legged friend. Plus, you can choose the haircut that best suits your dog! 

Home grooming can also take place on your schedule, saving you from having to shift your daily routine around an appointment.

Patience is necessary, but pacing your dog’s grooming schedule makes it easier to get the task done with both you and your doodle happier for the experience!

Mastering the art of cutting your goldendoodle’s coat is an achievement and something you can be proud of whenever someone comments on the beautiful appearance of your dog!

Most importantly, the biggest benefit of grooming your dog at home regularly is your doodle’s overall wellbeing. 

Our friends have there first Goldendoodle and are doing their best to save a little money by trimming her coat. They’ve quickly learned that there’s a bit of an art to trimming their Goldendoodle.

Fortunately, they are getting better and better each month at trimming their Goldendoodle’s coat.

When To Start Grooming A Goldendoodle Puppy

Grooming a goldendoodle puppy from the beginning sets the stage for maintaining your dog’s well-being and gets them used to being groomed at home.

The best time to start is when your puppy is around two months old

Gentle finger-combing is recommended at the beginning, and you can introduce massaging of their paws at this stage, too. 

Caring for your puppy from a young age gets them accustomed to the process of grooming, making it easier for you to handle them as they get older.

Taking them to a professional groomer later also won’t be as stressful for your doodle if they’re used to being groomed from puppyhood. 

8 Steps On How To Groom A Goldendoodle At Home

Using the following steps will help you to become a master groomer when taking care of your doodle at home!

1. Have The Right Grooming Tools

Having the right tools on hand from the start makes grooming your doodle a smoother, more comfortable experience all around.

Your goldendoodle grooming kit should include the following essential items:

  • Slicker brush
  • Metal comb
  • Clippers
  • Grooming scissors
  • Thinning shears
  • Nail clippers
  • Dog hair dryer

If you intend to groom your doodle at home regularly, a dog grooming table is a handy piece of equipment to add to your kit.

This allows you to easily and comfortably restrain your goldendoodle, keeping them safe while you’re using clippers, grooming scissors, or shears. 

2. Brush And Comb Your Doodle’s Coat

8 Steps On How To Groom A Goldendoodle At Home

Brushing your doodle’s coat is key to removing tangles and knots, preventing matting, and getting the perfect haircut.

Using a firm slicker brush made for thick and curly hair will keep your dog’s coat smooth and fluffy and help you find and remove mats. 

Starting at the bottom, line brush your doodle’s coat. This is done by brushing one line of hair away at a time. 

Using a metal or stainless steel comb with wide gaps is best for getting rid of mats, tangles, and loose hair in doodles with thick and curly fur. A dematting rake is better for removing mats in wavier coats. 

Removing tangles and knots is vital before bathing your dog. Brushing and combing your doodle should take place once to twice a week for a healthy, shiny coat. 

3. Bathe Your Goldendoodle

You shouldn’t bathe your goldendoodle more than once a month; otherwise, their skin will become dry and prone to itchiness and infections.

The best time to bathe your doodle is when you’re planning to do a haircut, which should take place every six to eight weeks. 

Bathing your dog before clipping their hair gives a better finish to the haircut. Some owners choose to shower with their doodles, while others use a bathtub.

Either way, make sure you use dog shampoo and conditioner that’s gentle enough for both puppies and adult dogs.

4. Blow Dry Your Doodle’s Coat

Before blow-drying your dog’s coat, use a towel to gently remove excess water.

Work with the grain of the coat to prevent tangles or knots. Avoid using harsh ruffling movements, as this will encourage matting. 

Once you’re done towel drying your pooch, use a dog hair dryer to completely dry your doodle’s coat. 

Drying your doodle’s coat with a dog hair dryer smooths the hair, making it easier to trim and get a professional-looking haircut.

Blow drying also prevents clippers from getting snagged in your dog’s coat, which can result in an uneven cut!

5. Trim The Body

You’re now ready to start trimming your doodle’s coat. Depending on how skilled you are, you can choose to use grooming scissors or dog clippers.

Keep in mind using grooming scissors requires some expertise, practice, and patience to avoid cutting your doodle’s skin by mistake!

Using good-quality dog clippers with a guard, you can start trimming your doodle’s body coat.

Thoroughly clip the entire body, including the back, sides, and hind legs, including the base. 

The clipper guard ensures you get a uniform cut over the whole body. The fur on the feet should be trimmed shorter, and don’t forget to trim between the toes!

6. Trim The Face

Trimming your goldendoodle’s face may need to be done more often than the whole body.

Using dog clippers, start by trimming the fur around your dog’s ears to a length of one inch. Trim the hair around the ear canal entrance to a slightly shorter length. 

Using round-tipped thinning shears, trim the fur around the eyes so your dog can see properly.

Make sure your dog is calm and still when trimming around the eyes to prevent a nasty accident from happening! 

Clip your doodle’s muzzle to prevent the fur from getting bushy, but keep the hair on the sides longer than on the top and bottom. Ensure it doesn’t go into your dog’s mouth.

7. Trim The Nails

Caring for your dog’s toenails is vital to prevent problems from surfacing if they’re left to grow too long.

Cutting your dog’s toenails can be scary, but keeping your doodle calm will make the job easier.

Using professional dog nail trimmers with a safety stop feature helps get the job done neatly, quickly, and free of injuries! 

Don’t trim the nails too short, and avoid cutting down to the quick, which is the blood vessel inside the nail.

Depending on your dog’s level of activity and lifestyle, nail trimming should usually be done every one to two months.

PRO TIP: We like using a nail grinder to trim our dog’s nails. There are pet nail grinders but the Dremel 8220-1 is by far our favorite when trimming our dog’s nails.

8. Brush Your Doodle’s Teeth

Toothbrushing should be part of your dog’s daily grooming schedule. Similar to their human owners, dogs also get plaque buildup if their teeth aren’t kept clean.

Dog dental care is vital to prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease, and other oral health conditions. 

It’s important to use dog toothpaste for your goldendoodle, as the human product is toxic for pooches.

Using a finger brush dog toothbrush can also make it easier to get to the hard-to-reach parts of the mouth while making the experience less intimidating for your doodle. 

A quick tip! Feed your doodle the best dog food for dental health for proper oral care. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should you groom a goldendoodle?

How often you groom your doodle depends on how long or short you want their coat to be.

For shorter coats, grooming should take place every six to eight weeks.

If you prefer to keep your goldendoodle’s fur slightly longer, you can schedule grooming to take place every eight to ten weeks. 

What happens if you don’t groom your goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles are a combination of poodle and golden retriever breeds. This means they have thick, curly, or wavy coats.

Occasionally, you may come across a doodle with straight fur similar to that of the golden retriever.

With curly and wavy hair, the goldendoodle’s coat is prone to become tangled and knotted, resulting in messy mats if not brushed and combed regularly. 

What is a teddy bear cut on a goldendoodle?

There are numerous haircuts that can be used on a goldendoodle. However, the most popular and adorable style is the teddy bear cut.

This style resembles our childhood teddy bears with a round face, button eyes, bear-like paws, and a soft, fluffy body. 

When should I brush my goldendoodle puppy teeth?

Sooner than later is recommended when brushing your goldendoodle’s puppy teeth but not before they reach six months old or have all their adult teeth.

This way, your pup can get used to having their teeth brushed every day when they get older.

Brushing your doodle pup’s teeth every two to three days is sufficient for proper dental care.

Final Thoughts On Goldendoodle Grooming

Knowing how to groom a goldendoodle at home saves you time and money, and it builds a great relationship between you and your doodle!

Having the right dog grooming kit is vital for a successful groom and happy goldendoodle. 

Grooming keeps your dog comfortable while ensuring their overall wellness, and it includes:

  • Brushing and combing regularly to keep messy mats at bay
  • Trimming the fur on the whole body and face
  • Keeping the nails short and brushing teeth daily

Following my eight steps on how to groom a goldendoodle face and body will have you mastering the techniques used by professional dog groomers!

What’s stopping you from giving your doodle a great haircut?

Tell us about your experiences grooming your goldendoodle in the comment section below.

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