Buying guides, reviews, tips and advice for sourcing products and supplies to get the most out of life with and do the very best for your Golden Retriever.

We tell you what to look out for, what to avoid, make lots of recommendations and of course explain why!

We only recommend products that are high-quality, have very positive reviews all over the web and are tried and tested to fit the specific needs of Golden Retrievers.

best dog chew toys

10 Best Dog Chew Toys

Dogs have a natural urge to chew, but sometimes they simply do it because they are bored, anxious, or full of pent-up energy. Instead of trying to teach your dog to stop chewing completely, you should get him the best dog chew toys and teach him healthy chewing habits. Finding out that your pooch managed to chew another pair of ...

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best bark collar for dogs

5 Best Bark Collar For Dogs

When he barks constantly for no reason at all, causing everyone uncomfortable days and sleepless nights, then it’s time to justifiably infringe on your dog’s freedom of speech with the best bark collar money can buy. It could be him just being a naughty boy or something more serious, like an injury or illness. You’ll want to figure that out ...

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best retractable dog leash

5 Best Retractable Dog Leash

Taking your dog for a walk is supposed to be a leisurely activity, but often it is not. You’ve probably been in a situation like this: you have an over-excited pup that is so enthusiastic about the outdoors and all the fun things in it—to the point that her walking becomes wild. You need the best retractable dog leash you ...

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best no pull dog harness

5 Best No Pull Dog Harness

Picture yourself in a park, public space, or in the neighbourhood walking your little furry friend and everything is going on well until it’s not – when she begins to pull away aggressively, and none of your tricks can help the situation. Those around will, of course, not feel safe seeing your furry bud on the loose, not to mention ...

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best flea powder for carpets

Best Flea Powder For Carpets

At first, you notice that your dog or cat seems to be itching a bit more than usual. You attribute it to the humidity or maybe because your pet played in the dirt. But soon enough your furry friend is in a flurry, her legs reaching all parts of their body trying to scratch and itch. That’s when you notice ...

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best dog water fountain

Best Dog Water Fountain

Does your doggy pal go absolutely bonkers when they see a best dog water fountain in the park? I mean tongue hanging out, happy barks, and pulling at the leash in a bid to reach the fountain? Well, that is not surprising because dogs love water, especially running water. This is an inherited trait from their hunter ancestors who knew ...

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