Buying guides, reviews, tips and advice for sourcing products and supplies to get the most out of life with and do the very best for your Golden Retriever.

We tell you what to look out for, what to avoid, make lots of recommendations and of course explain why!

We only recommend products that are high-quality, have very positive reviews all over the web and are tried and tested to fit the specific needs of Golden Retrievers.

Best flea shampoo for dogs written beside a golden retriever having a scratch

The Best Flea Shampoo for Dogs – Advice and 5 Reviews

 © / Tempusfugit1980When summer time rolls around, temperatures and humidity levels rise. And this should put all pet owners on their guard!As a dog owner, it’s a fact of life that, at some point or another, you’re going to need to treat your pup for fleas.These pesky little critters can strike all year round but are particularly prevalent in ...

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The best dog foods for picky eaters written next to a golden not eating some kibble

Best Dog Food For Picky Eaters – Let’s Feed the Fussy!

Many owners will never know the trials and tribulations of caring for a dog that’s a picky eater. In fact, they might have the polar opposite problem – a dog that inhales their food before it touches the ground! Fussy eaters can be frustrating, however, but thankfully there are feeding methods and certain foods that are known to encourage even the pickiest ...

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Best electronic doggie doors for golden retrievers written beside one laying in front of a blue door

Best Electronic Doggie Doors For Golden Retrievers

 © / chendongshanWhen you want to go outside, you go outside. When you need to go to the bathroom, you go to the bathroom.Your dog doesn't have the luxury of doing these things right when they want to.But they could!Even the most dedicated of pet-owners aren't available to let their pets in and out whenever they want, 24 hours ...

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Best dog brush for golden retrievers written beside one being groomed

Best Dog Brushes for Golden Retrievers

One important job for dog parents is making sure their four-legged friends are kept neat and tidy. This isn’t so much for your benefit (though it can mean less hair shedding on sofas and carpets) but to keep your dog happy, healthy and comfortable. As a breed with a medium to long flowing coat, grooming a golden retriever is extremely ...

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Best interactive dog toys writte beside a golden retriever in long green grass

Best Interactive Dog Toys for Your Golden Retriever

 © / MartinStiavnickyWe love our dogs. We'd do anything to keep them happy, and we only want the best for them!Our golden retrievers are loving and caring dogs but can get very bored, very quickly. It's up to us as owners to make sure this boredom doesn't get out of control!So what do we do?To keep them happy and ...

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Best chew toys for folden retrievers written beside a nice portrait photo of a golden

7 of the Best Chew Toys For Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are some of the most playful, fun and loyal canine companions around, but if they have one tiny fault, it’s that they can be very heavy chewers. As ‘retrieving’ dogs, they love carrying things around in their mouths and – while it’s in there – they might as well have a good chew on it! With so much ...

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