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Best vacuum for dog hair written beside a hoover head cleaning a deep rug

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair — Top 5 for 2019

We get dogs because we dream about the wonderful things they can bring to us: cuddles, comfort, and companionship. What we often don’t realize we are signing up for when we get a furry friend is all the messes they are going to make! As much as we adore them, nobody enjoys the constant cleaning you need to do if ...

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Best flea shampoo for dogs written beside a golden retriever having a scratch

The Best Flea Shampoo for Dogs

© / Tempusfugit1980 When summer time rolls around, temperatures and humidity levels rise. And this should put all pet owners on their guard! As a dog owner, it’s a fact of life that, at some point or another, you’re going to need to treat your pup for fleas. These pesky little critters can strike all year round but are ...

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Meet The 5 Best Dog Ramps Ever [and Buying Guide]

No matter how incredibly agile your dog looks, at some point in her life, she’ll need extra help to climb up or down your car, bed, sofa, or any other raised object. It could be that she’s pregnant, elderly, or dealing with health problems such as joint issues. Such conditions aside, how about you as a pet parent simply wanting ...

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