Natural Balance Dog Food Review: When You’re Looking for Quality Ingredients

Introduction When Natural Balance was first founded in 1989, Dick Van Patten knew that his pet food brands and limited ingredient treats would provide quality food based on science and nutritional truths, according to their website. Wildly important to the company, finding low-calorie dry formulas and pure balance dog foods that were based on scientific research and knowledge of nutritional ...

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best dog food for puppies

5 Best Dog Food For Puppies

So, you’ve got a new puppy! I bet you have really great plans for her…from where she’ll hang out, how you’d like her trained, and which leash she’ll use to the crate you’d love her to spend her day or night in, toys to play with, you name it. Anything for your little canine queen, right? Don’t forget that she ...

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best wet dog food

5 Best Wet Dog Foods

Just like dry foods, wet foods have their place in your canine’s diet. You probably know of their benefits—more protein, less carbs, fewer preservatives, and high moisture content, just to name a few. The question in your mind right now is probably, “But what is the best wet dog food out there?”  Quick Links To The Best Canned Dog Foods ...

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best dog treats

7 Best Dog Treats

The best dog treats are an essential tool when it comes to training your pooch, reinforcing good behavior, or simply making them feel loved and appreciated. But just as treats in a human diet can cause major health issues if nutritional value and calorie content aren’t considered, the same is true for dogs. Treats are notoriously high in calories, and ...

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blue buffalo dog food reviews

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reviews

Of the many things that contribute to the well-being of your pooch, nutrition sits at the top. It’s great that lots of doggie parents are well-informed about this now than years before when information on ingredients and their nutritional value was hard to come by. I’m pretty sure you have a clue as to what a healthy diet for your ...

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best dog food for german shepherd

8 Best Dog Food For German Shepherd

German shepherds! So many nice things have been said about this breed—they are highly intelligent, incredibly beautiful, a favorite working dog for many, smart, courageous, and you name it. You probably have your own nice things to say about yours, too. But what not many of us know is that, without feeding her the best dog food for German Shepherd, ...

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