best dog food for allergies

5 Best Dog Food For Allergies

A cold welcome from your pet! Ever faced that? When she can’t even look you in the eye or bother about your surprises? If you have or know that feeling when your best friend or partner suddenly doesn’t love you back, then you’ll want to know about dog allergies and how to kick them out (with just food). Allergies can ...

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best dog food for small dogs

Best Dog Food For Small Dogs

My guess is you want nothing but the best for your tiny furry buddy. Right? Whether it’s a Shitzu, a Chihuahua, or any other canine from this small breed family, seeing these little fellows healthy, active, and full of life definitely makes our days better. So, how do you make that possible? First, and most important, is nutrition. Given that ...

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best dog food for weight loss

Best Dog Food For Weight Loss

A cuddly pooch, with a few pounds of flesh and fat, is what all of us probably want for a pet, right? I do. On the other hand, a scrawny dog tells a tale of neglect or lack of love, and no dog owner wants to be that guy (or lady). But what if I told you that a fat ...

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Best Dog Food For Firm Stools

Top 5 Best Dog Food For Firm Stools

Noticed any runny stool from your furry friend lately? Yes? That should be a cause of concern. If you’ve dealt with this before, I bet you share the same sentiments too. And if you’ve never experienced it, this is your chance to learn what’s the proper thing to do when that happens. A couple of causes, among them poor diet ...

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Best Dog Food For Urinary Tract Health

When your little canine friend starts to suffer from a medical condition, chances are high you might not pick it up right away, mostly because of the communication barrier. It’s only when symptoms begin to manifest that it may occur to you that your mutt is truly sick. UTI, which stands for Urinary Tract Infection, is an example of such ...

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Best High Protein Dog Food

Ever been curious to know what the ancestors of your little furry friend survived on? Of course, it had to be a diet with a distinctive delicious taste. That sort of explains why the natural palate of your dog is more skewed towards meaty foods. And why not? Nearly all meaty recipes are appetizing, not just to humans, but dogs ...

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