Crate Training

Golden Retriever resting on her pillow after lots of playing.

Crate Training With A Full-Time Job

Hey there! I’m Perrin from I just finished crate training my dog, Chewie, about three months ago and I wanted to share a few things I learned along the way. Like any form of training, crate training takes time. In fact, sometimes more than you bargained for because it’s not simply learning a trick—it’s asking your dog to enjoy ...

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The Benefits of Crate Training A Dog Or Puppy - A GR sleeping in a crate

The Benefits of Crate Training A Dog Or Puppy

Almost all dogs are crated for one reason or another at some time in their lives. Either at the vets, in kennels, at a hotel when on holiday or for traveling by air. So whether you plan to regularly use a crate at home or not, many of the benefits of crate training a dog or puppy still apply. Dog ...

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Is crate training cruel - a golden retriever puppy happily sleeping in a crate

Is Crate Training Cruel?

The debate on whether crate training is cruel or not rages on, sometimes very heatedly, in all corners of the dog world and in all forms of media. Many people feel it’s cruel, saying no animal should be ‘caged’, grouping crate training in with the idea of animals kept at zoos. Yet breeders, vets, animal behaviorists, professional trainers, show, agility ...

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