best dog chew toys

10 Best Dog Chew Toys

Dogs have a natural urge to chew, but sometimes they simply do it because they are bored, anxious, or full of pent-up energy. Instead of trying to teach your dog to stop chewing completely, you should get him the best dog chew toys and teach him healthy chewing habits. Finding out that your pooch managed to chew another pair of ...

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best dog water fountain

Best Dog Water Fountain

Does your doggy pal go absolutely bonkers when they see a best dog water fountain in the park? I mean tongue hanging out, happy barks, and pulling at the leash in a bid to reach the fountain? Well, that is not surprising because dogs love water, especially running water. This is an inherited trait from their hunter ancestors who knew ...

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best cheap dog toys

Top 5 Best Cheap Dog Toys On The Market: Guide & Reviews

Cheap and quality are hardly bedfellows, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.  Granted, there are some drastically poor quality dog toys on the market right now, most of which cost relatively less because of their poor construction and design. Yet in the same market, you’ll also come across excellent dog toys that will not put a dent ...

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5 Best Dog Puzzle Toys

Ever heard of pet boredom? It’s actually easy to tell what that means from the name itself. Animals, including dogs, do get bored once in a while, particularly when left alone for a long period of time. What should worry you, in regards to pet boredom, is that it can take a toll on your pup, even if she’s the ...

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