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This section of Totally Goldens is home to all the articles on Golden Retriever behavior, and behavior problems.

Going through life with a badly behaved dog can be very demanding and stressful, usually resulting in a lower quality of life for both dog and owner alike.

With the articles in this category, my aim is to first help you understand and if need be improve your dog’s behavior through strategic training.

The list of articles will be growing all the time to cover everything from understanding what natural personality characteristics of a Golden Retriever are, why they act the way do, what behavior issues are, how they can develop and how to solve common Golden Retriever behavior problems.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Behave The Way They Do?

I think every owner has a duty to learn what makes a dog tick.

Even though we’ve integrated dogs into every aspect of our lives, they’re still dogs and not human. They have different instincts, drives and needs that fuel their temperament.

The key to raising a well balanced and well obedient dog is first understanding what these different behavioral needs are, then finding acceptable ways to satisfy those needs.

With that in mind, these first few articles discuss why you should learn to understand your dog and where does a dog’s behavior come from:

Learn To Understand Your Golden Retrievers Thoughts And Feelings

Dogs are highly expressive animals. If you learn to interpret their body language and signals, as well as their barks and growls, you can determine exactly how they’re thinking and feeling.

This opens up a whole new level of communication because you can then adjust how you behave toward your dog and what you ask of them depending on their state of mind.

A dog that’s understood, with an owner that adjusts to their feelings, will be happier and feel more secure and trusting which makes the dog-owner relationship stronger. And this impacts every aspect of your lives together.

These next few articles will help you to understand your Golden Retriever:

Solving Golden Retriever Behavior Problems

The following articles discuss the most common behavior problems.

Each article will discuss not only what the problem is, but the most probable reason for it being seen and the recommended training for you to solve the issue.

The best way to deal with Golden Retriever puppy behavior issue is not to let them develop in the first place. So some articles will be preventative, like the first one on the training of bite inhibition. However, many will be focused on treating and stopping negative dog personality traits such as:

VIDEO: Effective Dog Training – Ian Dunbar

A video in which Dr Ian Dunbar discusses just a few of the ways to train a dog

More importantly, along the way he discusses some very interesting ideas on dog behaviors and how our own character has a huge effect. Well worth a watch (as are all of Ian Dunbars videos!)

Useful Resources

For further reading on canine behavior and behavior problems, please see this short list of external resources:

Golden Retriever Behavior And Behavior Problem Solving Archive

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If you have any questions or comments please leave them under an article. I’d be very happy to hear from you and will help whenever I can!

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