190 Cute & Unique Names for Golden Retriever

golden retriever names

Golden Retrievers is a highly popular and sought-after dog breed, thanks to their magnificent looks and amazing personality. Welcoming a Golden into your home is going to be one of the best moments of your life. However, searching for the best Golden Retriever names can prove more difficult than it seems.

Still, naming your Golden is a cause for celebration and you should take your time finding a memorable moniker.

The best names are always short, brisk, and will easily catch your Golden’s attention and set him apart. 

In this article, you will find a wide variety of names for male and female Golden Retrievers. To help you in your search for the perfect moniker, I’ve divided the names according to gender In each section, you can also see best suited names for the color of your dog’s coat and use the “Category” column to help if you want a classic unique, popular, traditional, or fun name. 

Best Male Golden Retriever Names

Listed below you will find the 15 best male Golden Retriever names with their meanings for different types of Golden Retrievers.

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
BuddyClose friendGoldenClassic
LeafPart of a plantGoldenUnique
CharlieFree manGoldenClassic
BarleyKind of cerealGoldenUnique
BlakePallid, light coloredCreamTraditional
EnzoRuler of the householdCreamUnique
WhiskeyAlcoholic drink; water of lifeDark goldenFun
CopperA red brown metalDark goldenUnique
LeoLion, braveDark goldenClassic
CooperBarrel makerDark goldenTraditional
HarleyWood, clearingDark goldenClassic

Best Female Golden Retriever Names

Let’s take a look at the 15 best female Golden Retriever names and their meanings. All the names are divided based on the color of the coat and category.

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
GoldiePrecious metal, goldGoldenClassic
PearlHighly prized gemCreamUnique
AmarisChild of the moonCreamUnique
LucyBorn of lightCreamFun
PennyBronze coinDark goldenPopular
SophieWisdom, intelligenceDark goldenTraditional
NalaSweet, belovedDark goldenFun
GingerLight reddish yellow colorDark goldenFun
CookieSweet biscuitDark GoldenFun

Best Golden Retriever Names For Male Puppies

Male Golden Retrievers make excellent pets, and they are the first choice for many people who are looking to get a pet dog. If you have a new male Golden Retriever, try to choose a masculine name that will reflect his physical or character traits.

Keep in mind that training a puppy on his new name will be a bit easier if the name is short and easy to pronounce.

Here are some suitable options:

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
BlazeLike a fireGoldenUnique
GrahamKind of cookieGoldenClassic
NuggetAs in a gold nuggetGoldenFun
LiamStrong willedGoldenClassic
BobbyFunny personGoldenFun
BoltMove rapidlyCreamFun
Billy Resolute protectorCreamPopular
MurpheySea warriorCreamTraditional
MarleyFrom a book or movie, “Marley and Me”CreamPopular
OliverPiece offerCreamClassic
MiloPeaceful, calmCreamFun
HenryHome rulerCreamTraditional
CodyHelp fullCreamClassic
RustyRuddy complexionDark goldenPopular
TuckerAll heartDark goldenPopular
ChaseHunt, trailDark goldenFun
JasperTreasurer Dark goldenUnique
BoomerLarge, loudDark goldenFun
GeorgeTilter of the soilDark goldenTraditional
RexKingDark goldenPopular
LokiNorse god of mischiefDark goldenUnique
BrunoShieldDark goldenClassic
OtisFortuneDark goldenUnique

Best Golden Retrievers Names For Female Puppies

If you are bringing a female Golden Retriever home, this is the perfect chance to pick out her new name. Use your dog’s looks and charm as inspiration to find Golden Retriever names that best describe her.

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
AmberJewel GoldenClassic
BlondieSoft, delicateGoldenPopular
GoldilocksFairy tale heroineGoldenFun
HoneyCute and sweetGoldenTraditional
SunnyHappy, cheerfulGoldenPopular
LuluRemarkable or wonderfulGoldenVintage
Emma WholeGoldenClassic
MinervaGoddess of wisdomCreamUnique
BonnieMeans beauty in GaelicCreamPopular
SadieLady likeCreamFun
LuzMeans light in SpanishCreamUnique
JulieVivaciousDark goldenPopular
AudreyStrong and nobleDark goldenTraditional
MaceyWeaponDark goldenVintage
LeiaWearyDark goldenPopular
AddieNobleDark goldenClassic
SkyeFree spiritedDark goldenUnique
BrandyBurned wineDark goldenPopular
NellieSillyDark goldenPopular
HeidiOf noble birthDark goldenClassic
LexieDefenderDark goldenFun

Brave And Loyal Golden Retriever Dog Names: Males

Golden Retrievers are very brave, loyal, and make awesome pets, and these traits, among others, are behind this breed’s huge popularity. 

Let’s take a look at some names that will enhance these great traits in your new Golden Retriever.

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
BaronSon of strengthGoldenPopular
LeonardLion heartedGoldenClassic
GunnerBold warriorGoldenPopular
HartmutBrave mindGoldenVintage
MinionPeople pleaserCreamRare
HuddBrave rulerCreamClassic
KekoaThe brave oneCreamRare
HumamCourageous and generousCreamRare
ZufarBrave like a lionCreamUnique
KoenBraveDark goldenPopular
ShahKingDark goldenRare
YongBraveDark goldenUnique
FidelLoyalDark goldenPopular
LealiFatefulDark goldenUnique

Brave And Loyal Golden Retriever Names: Female

Female Golden Retrievers are no less loyal and brave than their male counterparts and deserve a name that will reflect these character traits.

Here are a few names that properly reflect these traits:

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
AltheaWith healing powersGoldenRare
CaseyVigilant, watchfulGoldenPopular
KyraLord of the sunGoldenVintage
KerenRay of lightCreamPopular
ValoraCourageousDark goldenClassic
MarciaWar likeDark goldenVintage
ValentiaCourageDark goldenTraditional
Isis ThroneDark goldenClassic

Hunting And Tracking Names For Male Golden Retrievers

Bred to be working dogs, Golden Retrievers excel at being gun dogs and love to retrieve shot birds such as ducks or other game during hunting.

Even if you don’t plan on taking or training your Golden Retriever for hunting, you might find that you like some of the hunt-inspired names below. 

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
AmmoShort for ammunitionGoldenPopular
ApolloGreek god of archeryGoldenPopular
BuckshotLead used for shotgunsGoldenUnique
ConanWolf, houndGoldenPopular
FlareSudden burst of flameGoldenUnique
GunnerBald warriorGoldenPopular
Hawk A bird of preyCreamRare
HunterOne who huntsCreamPopular
MagnumType of gunCreamRare
OrionConstellation, hunter in Greek mythologyCreamPopular
RamboExceptionally toughDark goldenPopular
ScoutOne who scoutsDark goldenPopular
SnuffHas a strong sense of smellDark goldenPopular
ToddCleverDark goldenPopular
WilderWanderDark goldenRare
WyattHardy, strongDark goldenClassic
RyderMessengerDark goldenPopular
BearKeep upDark goldenRare
ArrowMove swiftlyDark goldenUnique

Hunting And Tracking Names For Female Golden Retrievers

Female Golden Retrievers also make excellent hunting dogs and will retrieve a shot duck completely undamaged. 

Finding inspiration in your dog’s skills is a great way to find some beautiful names that are going to excite you. 

Have a look if any of the following names is a good choice for your Goldie!

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
ArtemisThe Greek goddess of the moon and huntingGoldenClassic
ArwenElvish princessGoldenVintage
BansheeFemale spirit from Irish legends; fairy womanGoldenRare
DawnThe first lightGoldenUnique
EchoRepeated soundGoldenRare
FireflyA small insect that produces lightGoldenFun
LadyThe name of Sansa’s direwolf (Game of Thrones)CreamPopular
LadybugInsect and a symbol of good luckCreamRare
DianaRoman goddess of huntCreamClassic
AtlantaA huntress in Greek mythologyCreamClassic
BendisGoddess of the hunt and moonCreamUnique
BrielleHunting groundsCreamRare
BritomartisGoddess of hunting and mountains in Minoan culture CreamRare
DaliGoddess of the huntDark goldenRare
FiannaWarrior huntressDark goldenUnique
KacelaHunterDark goldenRare
KaindaHunter’s daughterDark goldenUnique
SkadeGoddess of bow huntingDark goldenPopular
WindaHunterDark goldenRare

Cute Golden Retriever Names For Male Dogs

It’s impossible to forget how cute Golden Retrievers are at any given point in time. Even covered in mud and grime, these dogs still remain to be adorable and hard not to look at.

Since being sweet is one of the biggest reasons why this breed has so many fans, I’ve covered some of the most endearing names out there.

Here they are:

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
ChiefIn chargeGoldenFun
CaptainLeader of a groupGoldenFun
AlmondEdible seedGoldenFun
BonanzaStroke of good luckGoldenRare
FluffyWooly hairCreamPopular
HappyGoldens are always happyCreamPopular
ErnestVigorous, eager to pleaseCreamPopular
SkipSpringy manner of walkingCreamPopular
ChewieOne who likes to chewCreamFun
FitzSonDark goldenPopular
OttoWealthDark goldenClassic
ShaggyMessy lookingDark goldenRare
Felix HappyDark goldenPopular
PlutoWealth, richesDark goldenPopular
Shiloh A giftDark goldenRare
SyrupA thick, sweet liquidDark goldenUnique

Cute Golden Retriever Names For Female Dogs

Is your new Goldie the cutest thing ever? I can bet she is! 

If you still don’t know how to name your new dog, the following cute names should inspire you into finding the right one!

Here are some of the cutest names for female Golden Retrievers:

NameMeaningColor VariationCategory
PreciousTerms used to address a beloved personGoldenPopular
SunshineDirect sunlightGoldenRare
GracieFilled with beautyGoldenPopular
SweetieCute, sweetGoldenPopular
MandyShe who must be lovedCreamPopular
TalithaLittle girlCreamRare
CupcakeSmall cute looking cakeCreamUnique
MarigoldType of flowerDark goldenRare
HollyEvergreen plantDark goldenPopular
SquirrelAnimal with a bushy tailDark goldenUnique
PeachFruitDark goldenRare

Tips For Choosing The Best Name For Your Golden Retriever

You are probably wondering what are some good names for a Golden Retriever and is there any way to narrow your choice to a manageable few. Choosing a name for a new dog can be a surprisingly difficult and long process. 

Here are some quick tips on how to choose the best name for your Golden Retriever:

  • Use Personal Names: Naming your dog is important since this is the name you will have to live with for a long time. Hence, it is a good idea to consider names that you have heard and already like. 
  • Do The Research: Don’t be discouraged if the perfect name doesn’t come to you within a second. Instead, take some time to research different names and meanings; you will know when you find the right one.
  • Ask For Advice: Talk with your family and friends and see what name they would give to your dog. You may get inspired or end up liking the names they have suggested.
  • Get To Know Your Puppy: Using your Goldie’s temperament and character traits as a sort of inspiration can help you find the best name real fast. So, spend more time with your new puppy and get to know him better.
  • Listen To Yourself: The right name will feel the best right from the start. If a name fits right away, listen to your heart and don’t look for another one.

Why Is Naming A Golden Retriever So Important?

Every dog needs a name, and trust me, you don’t want to end up addressing your dog with “hey you.” Naming your dog gives him a sense of identity and makes it easier for you to connect and train your dog properly.

Most Golden Retriever names are short and sweet, mainly because they are easier for both you and your dog.

It’s a bit tricky for dogs to learn long names and a lot of syllables. And there would be times when you will have to get your dog’s attention quickly, and that won’t happen if you need a minute to shout his name.

Keep in mind that while a name seems hilarious and funny at the moment, you may be embarrassed to say it out loud in public. 


Choosing the right name for your Golden Retriever may seem like a daunting task, but don’t worry, you only have to do it once! There is a wide selection of names for boys and girls to choose from, so I will break them up you; choose from

  • The top names for this year
  • Brave and loyal Golden Retriever names
  • Hunting and tracking inspired names
  • Cute names for Golden Retrievers

Take your time to read through all the names; you will know when you find the best one for your Golden Retriever.

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