Golden Retriever Halloween Costume

Updated: October 13th, 2022

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golden retriever halloween costume

There is a reason why dogs are regarded as man’s best friend. Whether they are asking for food, following you around, or running to greet you when you come home, these little things make us smile.

Are we going to talk about their loyalty? Their smartness and empathic nature? These are traits we yearn to benefit from fellow humans.

If dogs are and will always be man’s best friend, they deserve inclusion in all fun events. It would be unfair to leave your four-legged companion out of the festivity, especially with Halloween around the corner.

According to researchers from the University of Helsinki, Finland, one of the significant factors associated with anxiety and fearfulness in dogs is the amount of socialization while they were puppies. So, while you are out shopping for a Halloween costume for your kids, your dog’s outfit should be in the budget.

We have done our research and compiled a list of the best golden retriever Halloween costumes. This review will help you find the best product for your pet. However, do not forget to get their measurement before purchasing any outfit. The size chart displayed by the seller will help you find the perfect fit.


Overview of the Best Halloween Costumes for Golden Retrievers


  • The fuzzy fastener closure.
  • High-quality materials
  • Multiple size options
  • One-piece costume
  • Neck and belly straps
  • Multiple size options
  • LED lights
  • Pastel ombre wings and tail 
  • Sparkly faux fur fabric
  • Prisoner cap comes with an adjustable chin strap.
  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable polyester fabric
  • Avocado design
  • Multiple size options
  • Fuzzy hook-and-loop straps

Top 5 Best Halloween Costumes for Golden Retrievers: Reviews

1. California Costumes UPS Delivery Driver Dog Costume


Think of all the times your dog has barked when the delivery guy comes to your apartment. You must have concluded that the motive behind his/her barks is because he saw a stranger. Well, not in every case. Maybe he wishes to be a delivery dog as well, and there is no better time to make that dream a reality than during Halloween.

The UPS dog costume is an avenue for your pet to play the role of a delivery dog. This costume’s signature color is brown and features high-quality materials. The hat and cardboard box will give out the impression that he has an important delivery to make. In addition to that, the costume’s arms are stuffed with fuzzy fasteners to help hold the cardboard box in place.

The fuzzy fastener closure allows you to easily take off the piece of clothing from your furry friend. It is an ideal outfit for those looking to take lots of cute pictures with their dogs on Halloween.


  • The fuzzy fastener closure makes it easy to take off.
  • Made with unique and high-quality materials
  • Comes in four sizes to fit different dog breeds
  • Allows your furry friend to look like the real UPS delivery guy or girl


  • Cutting and assembly are required for the cardboard box, and it can be tiresome.

2. Frisco Hotdog dog costume


How about your four-legged companion looking like a hotdog on Halloween? This costume features a plush soft pullover bodysuit in the shape of a hotdog. Its design ensures that it is comfortable for most pets. The neck and belly straps ensure that you do not face any difficulty dressing up your dog.

Honestly, this is one of the cutest Halloween costumes for your best friend. There are six different sizes you can choose from. However, do not forget to take your pet’s measurements before purchasing this costume.

While measuring from their neck to the tail base, measure the chest around the widest part. Do not forget the neck circumference. These measurements are essential, so you do not get a costume that will discomfort your dog during Halloween


  • It is a one-piece costume that is easy to put on and take off.
  • The neck and belly straps ensure that the outfit stays in place.
  • Cuteness filled to the brim – comes with ketchup, mustard, wiener, lettuce, and buns.
  • Multiple size option


  • Users complained that the Velcro is not appropriately attached.
  • It mostly accommodates small-sized dogs.

3. Frisco LED Unicorn dog costume


One beautiful thing about dressing up your dog on Halloween is that they can be anything you want them to be. You want them to be a unicorn? This outfit is the perfect costume to purchase. The design and colors add to the fairytale fun.

It does not matter your dog’s breed, Frisco LED unicorn costume comes in different sizes, increasing your options. You will not encounter any difficulty dressing up your furry friend with this costume. Thanks to the neck and belly strap, which also ensures comfort and security.

The costume also features pastel ombre wings and a tail with sparkly faux fur fabric. There is also an LED horn for more visibility since Halloween parties hold mostly in the night. Aside from aiding their sight in the night, the lights also make them look cuter for Instagram worthy pictures.


  • Comes with LED lights for nighttime visibility
  • The pastel ombre wings and tail with sparkly faux fur fabric makes your dog look cute.
  • It is easy to put on with a hook and belly strap.
  • Multiple size options


  • You may frequently need to replace the LED batteries.

4. Frisco Prisoner dog costume


You can decide to turn your canine friend to a prisoner, especially if he is naughty and sneaky. This black and white prisoner dog costume features a black and white striped shirt and a cap. There is also an adjustable chin strap to ensure that the cloth does not fall off.

This costume, made of high-quality and lightweight polyester, comes with Velcro closures for easy on and off dressing. The hat features an elastic band for a comfortable and secure fit. No matter the size of your furry friend, you can find the perfect fit for him/her. The costume is available in different sizes.


  • Features black and white striped shirt and cap to give your dog a criminal look
  • The prisoner cap comes with an adjustable chin strap for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • It is lightweight, so your dog does not feel uncomfortable during the night.
  • Breathable polyester fabric


  • You may frequently need to replace the LED batteries.

5. Frisco Avocado Dog Costume


This costume is an ideal choice for dogs that enjoy taking healthy fat foods like avocado. It comes in different sizes. No matter the size or breed of your dog, you will indeed find a perfect fit. Just ensure you have your dog’s measurement before making a purchase.

The costume is a one-piece design that features a fuzzy hook-and-loop strap at the neck and belly for a more comfortable and easy fit. It is super easy to put on and take off. With your four-legged companion looking like an avocado, you will enjoy your evening with “foodie” friends and be the talk of the Halloween party. There is every tendency that a picture of your pet in this costume will break the internet.


  • Super cute with a half avocado design
  • Guarantees comfort
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Comes with fuzzy hook-and-loop straps at the neck and belly for a secure fit


  • The bright-colored part may get stained quickly.

Guidelines to follow when dressing up your dog for Halloween

Dressing up your pet can be exciting, whether casually or for festivities like Halloween. No doubt, a couple of pups do not like being dressed up, but some can tolerate it. It depends on how comfortable they are in the clothing, or how much they like the attention. Learning all you can about their body language can be beneficial.

However, these are few guidelines to keep in mind when dressing them up for Halloween;

The costume should allow for easy mobility

We are sure you would not want to wear a costume that prevents you from sitting down, moving around, or even going to the toilet. The same goes for your dog. Mobility should be the first factor you should consider when choosing a Halloween costume for your canine companion. They should freely stand, walk, sit, lay, or run around in it.

The costume should not have small parts.

Golden retrievers are generally stubborn dogs. The fact that they are smart and intelligent makes them adventurous. They like to explore. So, when you get them a costume with small parts, they would not waste time destroying the piece of clothing. This scenario is where their fun kicks off.

The best golden retriever Halloween costume should have no small parts like buttons, excessive fabric, and cut-outs, among others. 

The costume should be lightweight.

The golden retriever is not like other breeds of dogs. They do not shed their puppy fur. Instead, it is pushed aside by new adult hair and eventually turns into the dog’s undercoat. With this thick undercoat, your dog does not need a Halloween costume that is too heavy. It can make them uncomfortable, limit their movement, or cause them to overheat. 

Whatever costume you are buying should be lightweight. It would help if you weighed your dog first before purchasing the piece of clothing. And if you notice that your dog is panting after wearing the costume for 20 minutes, take it off.

The costume should not hinder your dog’s vision or breathing.

As humans, we all know how frustrating it is to wear masks that obstruct our vision or breathing. Dogs are no exception, as they also feel this same way. Besides, Halloween is already a stressful festival. When your dog appears wearing a costume that limits their sense, they will become anxious, distressed, or even dangerous in some cases. They will end up ruining the event for you.

The costume should be easy to put on and take off.

Taking your dog’s measurement before purchasing any costume is paramount. Fighting or squeezing your dog into an outfit is not fair and safe. Think about it for a second – how do you feel when a piece of clothing is not your size, and you have to squeeze into it? Your dog will experience the same discomfort you feel. It can even infuriate them, and an angry dog is a dangerous one.

The possibility of taking off the outfit quickly in that scenario would guarantee the safety of everyone involved. 

Enough supervision is needed.

Please do not dress up your golden retriever for Halloween and allow them to wander around without supervision. Of course, there are friends to attend to, but part of your attention should also be on your dog. It is the best way to ensure that he is safe and comfortable in the costume. Besides, one of the reasons you dressed him/her up in the first place is to garner attention. So, if you or no one keeps an eye on him/her, take off the costume. 

Practice before the big night.

Endeavor to buy your golden retriever Halloween costume before the holiday. It would be best if you tried to dress him/her up a few times before the big night. This strategy will help you determine whether he is comfortable in the costume. 

You can go as far as taking a practice walk in your neighborhood with your furry friend dressed in his/her Halloween costume. It will help him/her know what to expect.

Practice before the big night

Have them take part in the celebration

The saying that “Dogs are man’s best friend” is not vain. If you have a human best friend, would you leave them out whenever something worth celebrating comes up? That is the same with dogs. The fact that they are animals that cannot speak in intelligible language should not be a hindrance.

To define their personality

Dressing up your dog for Halloween is another way to allow their personality to pop out. Humans determine each other’s personalities merely by their dressing. Find an appropriate dress that will suit the character.

Protect them from cold

Many times, Halloween falls during the cold season. Situations like that leave your dog prone to cold and can affect their overall health and wellbeing. Providing Halloween costumes will protect them from the onslaught of the cold months to come.

For attention

Some dogs are naturally attention seekers. If you notice that your four-legged companion has such a trait, getting a Halloween costume is a perfect idea. That is the best way to calm them down. The ensemble will attract lots of attention, and that is what your dog wants.

For memorable photos

In the era of social media, everyone is clamoring to stay relevant online with beautiful photos. Getting your pet dressed up for Halloween will help you take cool pictures of them. Even if you do not like dressing them up, consider doing that for the sake of breathtaking photos. 


Halloween is indeed a good time to dress up and have fun. Taking your pet along with you is also a form of exercise. And for golden retrievers, routine physical activity is crucial. Failure to do so could drive them crazy. 

According to reports from the National Retail Federation, pet parents were willing to spend the sum of $3.2 billion on dog Halloween costumes in 2019. No wonder the dog Halloween costumes industry is expanding, as it is gradually becoming a norm to include dress-up pets for Halloween festivities.

The review above will help you pick the right Halloween costume for your golden retriever. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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