Best Golden Retriever Backpack Carrier

Updated: October 17th, 2022

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best golden retriever backpack carrier

The bond between humans and animals has continued to grow stronger over the years. People now keep different pets apart from popular dogs and cats, since attachment to companion animals can impact human health. And the fact that they exhibit pure innocence and have a short lifespan triggers empathy and a desire to nurture and protect in most of us.

With dogs seemingly the easiest to train, we want to take them along with us everywhere, including solitary off-road adventures and travel through crowded places. Small pups may not be able to make those trips because they have little stamina. A golden retriever backpack carrier comes in handy to enable you to comfortably carry your pooch without any risk to itself and other people.

Also called a golden retriever baby carrier, these backpacks are usually worn against your chest or back, allowing you to move freely. A couple of them are airline-friendly and can accommodate bigger dogs, as well as other vital supplies. Researchers on the interactions of people and animals believe that having these companion animals close, like family members, holds the key to living a healthy life with reduced stress. Our review of the best golden retriever backpack carriers will help you identify a suitable option for your pet.

After taking into consideration essential and luxury features in different outdoor golden retriever houses, here are our top 5 picks;

An Overview of the Best Dog Backpack Carriers

  • Fleece liner
  • Water-resistant
  • Interior security tether
  • Water-resistant Nylon fabric
  • Lightweight design
  • D-ring for collar hookup
  • Leash clip
  • Rollers for smooth movement
  • Wide-mouth design
  • Safety clip for attaching dog harness
  • Removable bottom pouch pad
  • Three extra pockets
  • Car seatbelt strap
  • Anti-tip design
  • Two zippered openings for easy access

The Top 5 Dog Backpack Carriers: Reviews

1. Pet Gear I-GO2 Plus Traveler Rolling Backpack Carrier

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This golden retriever backpack from Pet Gear features rollers and shoulder straps, making it the ideal option for every golden retriever parent. It is usable as a standard backpack for carrying pets and a roller bag with a telescoping handle for gliding through smooth floors. Your golden retriever might get so comfortable that the bag can double as a car seat for the pet.

The I-GO2, made of polyester material, is durable and can withstand wear and tear from prolonged use. With adequate padding of the shoulder straps, golden retriever parents can comfortably travel long distances while carrying their pets on their backs. The straps are also adjustable to ensure that it fits, regardless of your body type.

Users do not have to worry about liquid spilling on the bag, as it is water-resistant and does not stain easily. The ventilation mesh on different sides of the bag guarantees adequate airflow and a good view of the environment, ensuring that your pup remains calm throughout the trip. It also features a fleece liner that keeps your pet warm in cold weather.

The side pockets offer storage spaces for phones, keys, treats, and other pet supplies. For hyperactive dogs, the interior security tether can be attached to their harness to limit their movement inside the bag. The bag is airline-friendly and expandable up to 3 inches, ensuring that it remains usable as the pup grows.

2.K9 Sport Sack AIR Dog Backpack

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For dog parents who want to bring along their pets on a long hike, the K9 Sport Sack Air Backpack is an excellent choice for maximum safety. It features robust materials and a nylon fabric that can withstand wear and tear. Although it does not have rollers, it can carry pets weighing up to 30 pounds, making it one of those models with the highest weight capacity.

The breathable shoulder straps can wick away moisture from sweat, leaving you feeling fresh as you walk those off-road paths with your pooch on your back. It is also adjustable and well-padded to ensure correct fitting and reduced discomfort when carried for long—no worries about pain from misaligned spine due to moving your furry friend over long distances.

The K9 Sport Sack Air carrier is lightweight, designed to ensure that the load does not become cumbersome when your pet is in the backpack. With the mesh on different sides of the bag, the dog can get adequate fresh air while sitting comfortably on your back. The easy-pull zippers allow you to adjust the space available to the pup for movement.

Your dog can also stick out its head from the top of the backpack to get a good view of its surroundings. The side pockets are adjustable, making it possible for you to carry a considerable amount of supplies. With its thick bottom rest pad, your pooch will enjoy the ride in the bag without discomfort. You can add custom tags with the built-in fuzzy fastener, and keep the animal secure with a D-ring for collar hookup.

The K9 Sport Sack Air backpack is not ideal for dogs with injuries or any severe health condition.

3.Snoozer Wheel Around Travel Pet Carrier

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The Snoozer Wheel Around pet carrier is one of the best options that are suitable for sensitive dogs, especially those that get excited quickly. It can carry dogs that weigh up to 15 pounds with enough room for them to stay comfortable throughout the ride. The built-in wheels are durable and can bear the weight of your dog without falling apart.

golden retriever parents that love the outdoors can now spend more time with their pooch without stress or discomfort. This carrier is designed in such a way that dogs can quickly jump in and out of it without needing assistance. All you need to do is unzip the bag and let it walk in. No more struggling with the dog or getting scratches on your skin whenever you want to get it into the backpack.

The Snoozer is made of durable polyester fabric and features wide mesh panels that allow proper air circulation within the carrier. Users can carry it on their backs with the adjustable shoulder straps or extend the telescoping handle to pull the bag as its wheels glide over the smooth floor.

If you have a sensitive golden retriever , the leash clip will be of immense benefit to you as you can hook your pet securely onto it. The side pockets are excellent for storing treats, poop bags, and other useful supplies during the trip. It is airline approved and can double as your pet bed for a stress-free outing experience.

4.Outward Hound PoochPouch

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Outward Hound is a brand known for designing high-quality gear, guaranteed to keep your pet safe, regardless of its personality. The PoochPouch is available in different sizes, with the larger one capable of carrying dogs that weigh up to 20 pounds. While on the go, your golden retriever can stick out its head for an unrestricted view of the environment as it develops social relationships.

The backpack features a thick bottom pouch pad that ensures even weight distribution and pressure relief for the pup. It is also removable, making it less challenging to keep clean. Users do not have to worry about the bag getting wet since it features water-resistant nylon fabric. It is soft, lightweight, and provides a suitable means to bring your pet along when you go on outdoor adventures.

With mesh on different sides of the backpack, users do not have to worry about that moldy smell that develops due to dampness and poor ventilation. Adequate air flows in and out of the bag to regulate the temperature, leaving your pet feeling fresh the entire time. The zippered top allows for quick opening and closing of the backpack.

With the safety clip, you can safely attach the dog harness to the bag to limit its movement while on your back. Attaching it to the dog’s collar is not r

5.Gen7Pets Geometric Roller

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The Gen7Pets is a model with a modern design that guarantees safe and stress-free traveling with your pet. It comes with rollers on the four edges of the carrier, ensuring that it does not tip over with the pet. The smooth-rolling wheels guarantee that your pooch remains calm and comfortable when pulled using the handle.

On off-road trips, the handles are collapsible to allow you to carry the bag conveniently on your back. The shoulder straps have thick padding that eases the backpack’s weight, even as your pup sits in it. Climbing stairs or hiking through rough terrain should no longer be a challenge for owners of this dog backpack carrier.

There are mesh panels on this golden retriever hiking backpack that allows adequate airflow, ensuring that it does not develop odors. The polyester fabric used in its design is durable and can withstand wear and tear over several years. With a zippered top, the golden retriever can enjoy an unrestricted view while on the go. There is an additional zippered opening in the front that offers an alternative way to access the pet.

Since the carrier is spacious, dogs may try to move around inside, making it more cumbersome to carry. This carrier backpack can double as a pet bed or a car seat with a seatbelt strap for secure travel. It has an interior safety fastener for attaching the pup’s harness, two side pockets for storing toys, treats, and other items, and is also airline-friendly.

Types of Dog Carriers

The way you carry your pooch on a carrier does not matter, as long as it remains comfortable throughout the journey. Although most people prefer the traditional design worn on the back with shoulder straps, there are models with rollers that can be pulled across smooth floors. Some of the conventional backpacks can be worn over your stomach and still feature rollers for gliding on floors like most suitcases. Below are the design features of each type of carrier backpack.

Back-Facing Backpack

This model is the typical dog hiking backpack with padded shoulder straps for carrying the pet as you move freely. It features mesh panels on three sides for proper airflow and unrestricted visibility. They usually have openings on the top or in front for easy access to the pet.

Front-Facing Carrier

This model can allow dog parents to keep a close eye on their pets. They have shoulder straps too, but usually feature a single opening on top. These backpacks are suitable for people with sensitive dogs, making it easy to reassure or calm the pet.

Rolling Dog Carrier

When grocery shopping or at airports, a dog carrier with rollers comes in handy to make the outing less stressful; you do not have to carry the pet on your back the entire time. Pulling it through smooth floors eliminates the discomfort of a misaligned spine and lower back pain from carrying the bag for a prolonged period. These models are usable as dog beds since their structure, and wide openings allow pets convenient entry without human assistance.

What to Look for Before Buying a Golden Retriever Backpack Carrier?

First, you need to figure out if the backpack carrier’s interior dimensions are enough to accommodate your golden retriever without feeling too tight. Knowing the height of your dog when it is seated will help you decide the right backpack size. Besides size, there are other vital considerations for choosing the ideal golden retriever backpack carrier.

  • Design: The backpack carrier’s construction determines whether you can carry it on your back alone or in front of you. You should know that placing it in front of you will limit your range of motion, making it almost impossible to perform specific tasks, like eating. Although you get to keep an eye on your furry friend, it would also want a bite from any food you are eating, which passes right in front of its nose. 

         Models with an option for adjusting the size makes it possible for your pet to grow with it. You also get to decide the amount of space available to the pup for movement.           There is a thick bottom pad that guarantees your golden retriever ’s balance while traveling in the backpack. It should be ergonomically designed to ensure that your pup does not fall            over and panic when tilted. 

         Look for padded shoulder straps that relieve pressure points, even as you carry the bag over long distances. If you prefer those with rollers, ensure that they feature top-           quality materials that are less harmful to pets and do not fall apart easily.


  • Airline approved: Although most golden retriever travel crates are airline approved, they limit movement as you have to carry them on the one hand before boarding or when you get off the plane. Since backpack carriers free both of your hands, finding one that is airline-friendly is crucial. With increased versatility, this backpack has you covered whether you are going hiking, boarding airplanes, or on road trips. Consult your preferred airline for regulations regarding bringing pets on board.


  • Extra Pockets: While carrying your pup, items placed in the same compartment could get ruined. Since dogs tend to gnaw at most objects, a backpack with side pockets will be suitable. You would want to carry treats, toys, and other valuable supplies on the trip. The size of these pockets determines the kind of supplies you should take.


  • Ventilation: Adequate airflow is another critical consideration. Since most models are designed with nylon fabric to make it water-resistant and easy to clean, the availability of mesh panels should be paramount. With proper ventilation, the temperature within the backpack carrier is regulated, and your pup remains comfortable even after prolonged periods. Since the straps are capable of making you sweat, look for breathable options with moisture-wicking capabilities.

Are Dog Backpack Carriers Safe?

Backpack carriers feature materials that are not toxic to dogs. Although some of them look slightly different from traditional backpacks, they are still worn on the back and spacious enough to accommodate your pet. They have other design features that make them safe for dogs, regardless of the breed.

The fact that there are mesh panels on different sides of the bag makes it conducive for your pooch. With proper ventilation, the dog’s coat stays healthy, remaining capable of regulating its body temperature in cold weather. With appropriate training, you can even let pups stick their head out from the top of the bag to aid social development.

Manufacturers now include an interior safety tether that allows users to attach the harness, leash, or collar to the bag, keeping hyperactive dogs secure as you carry them. With limited movement, you do not have to worry about the pooch falling over and getting hurt while in the backpack carrier. They can maintain balance sitting on the thick bottom pad that offers even weight distribution.

Can I Use my Regular Backpack as a Dog Carrier?

Most people have wondered if their traditional backpacks are usable as dog carriers. Not all models are suitable as you need to consider the dog’s comfort during the entire outing. Calmer dogs can stick their head out of regular backpacks while you carry them on your back. Since they have no mesh panels, the height of the bag should be about 4 inches less than that of the dog when it is seated.

You should note that since the traditional backpacks are not designed with pets in mind, the bottom does not feature thick padding for adequate balance. The shoulder straps may not be able to cushion the pressure from the pup’s weight when carried over long distances. Without the safety tether that is available in specially designed models, there is no way to securely keep the pooch in place as you hike through rough terrain.

Always look for backpack carrier models with the right features to suit your golden retriever breed since their comfort and happiness guarantee a stress-free outing

Getting Your Golden Retriever into the Backpack Carrier

Buying a backpack carrier is one thing, but getting your pet to become comfortable inside is another challenge altogether. Even calmer dogs would resist when you try to place them into a strange environment. During the struggle, you might get nasty scratches on your skin as your golden retriever tries to get loose.

You need to be patient with the golden retriever and let it get familiar with the backpack. Keep it open and within reach of the pup, allowing it to examine the bag for a couple of days. Placing its favorite toys or treats in the carrier also helps to hasten the process, as you would do in crate training. With time, it starts getting used to the backpack carrier.

Your pooch should never feel like it is getting punished when placed inside the backpack. Putting its favorite blanket or fleece in the bag helps the pet associate it with safety and comfort. Soon, the golden retriever becomes comfortable with spending long hours in the bag while on your back.

Final Thoughts

Hiking with your golden retriever has become much more convenient, as you no longer have to worry about keeping your pet within sight. With a proper backpack carrier, pet parents can still enjoy the company of their pup wherever they go. Its versatility and the fact that most of them are airline-friendly makes it a must-have for all golden retriever lovers. 

Remember that some breeds are too large and would never fit into a backpack; hence they cannot be taken on long hikes. These dogs can only come along if you are traveling in your car.

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