Top 5 Best Skin And Coat Supplement For Dogs

Updated: November 4th, 2022

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best skin and coat supplement for dogs

Signs your dog may have a vitamin deficiency include excessive thirst, lethargy, hair loss, and skin irritation. In this case, you need the best skin and coat supplement for dogs to boost the health of your pooch. Dog supplements are packed with nutrition to promote healthy skin and a vibrant coat.

However, you should take caution when buying a supplement for your dog because some products may contain harmful ingredients, artificial colorants, and preservatives. To help you choose the right supplement for your fur baby, we’ve reviewed the top five products on the market. There’s also a buyer’s guide at the bottom with valuable information on ingredients you should avoid feeding your dog. Keep reading to find out more.

OUR Top 5 Best Skin And Coat Supplement For Dogs


Zesty Paws Omega 3 Bites

  • Chicken flavor
  • Contains AlaskOmega
  • 90 soft chews

The Missing Link Skin And Coat Powder

  • Contains omega-3 and -6
  • Powder supplement
  • Made with human-quality whole foods

Nutri-Vet Fish Oil Soft Gel Capsules

  • Capsule supplement
  • Contains antioxidants
  • Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids

Finn Skin & Coat Salmon Oil Supplement

  • 90 soft chews
  • Contains wild salmon oil
  • Oil supplement

Natural Dog Company Skin And Coat Chews

  • 90 chews
  • Salmon and peas
  • Contains omega-6

Best Skin And Coat Supplement For Dogs Reviews

1. Zesty Paws Omega 3 Bites

Zesty Paws Omega 3 Bites

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Zesty Paws is a popular brand that makes supplements, treats, and even shampoos. The brand’s omega-3 bites have ingredients such as fish oil to moisturize your dog’s skin. Furthermore, the chews have EPA and DHA for cardiovascular health and vitamin C to promote a healthy, shiny coat.

Key Features

  • 12.7 oz
  • Contains biotin and zinc
  • NASC Certified

These supplements come in small snacks that have a rich chicken flavor your dog will love. There are no artificial colorants, and they are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These supplements are formulated for adult dogs as well as puppies.


  • Ideal for dogs with sensitive teeth
  • Grain-free
  • Suitable for dogs with allergies
  • For all dog breeds


  • Some dogs may not like the flavor
  • Chews crumble easily

The bites are one of the best dog supplements for skin and coat because it contains zinc and protein. Lastly, the omega-3 content has anti-inflammatory properties which can help dogs with stomach problems or arthritis.

2. The Missing Link Skin And Coat Powder

The Missing Link Skin And Coat Powder

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If you find it difficult to give your pet capsule supplements, then The Missing Link powder may be a better option for your dog. Simply sprinkle the powder over your dog’s food to add missing nutrients that are vital for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Key Features

  • 5 lbs box
  • For dogs that are 10 lbs to 100 lbs
  • Contains ground flaxseed

The Missing Link skin and coat powder supplement has other benefits such as boosting your dog’s energy and supporting a healthy immune system. This powdered formula also improves your dog’s digestion and supports soft tissue, muscles, and ligament health.


  • For dogs of all breeds
  • Easy to administer
  • Zero artificial colorants or flavoring
  • Helps regrow fur


  • May not be suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Doesn’t state what flavor the powder is

This powder supplement for dogs is enriched with omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to thicken and brighten your dog’s coat. The supplement is also formulated to moisturize your dog’s skin which is ideal if your pet struggles with dry, itchy skin.

3. Nutri-Vet Fish Oil Soft Gel Capsules

Nutri-Vet Fish Oil Soft Gel Capsules

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Nutri-Vet’s fish oil gel capsules are the best dog supplement for skin and coat because they contain vitamins A, D, and E. These vitamins help support normal shedding and can boost your dog’s fur growth. The fish oil content helps keep your dog’s skin moisturized in dry conditions.

Key Features

  • 100 soft gel capsules
  • 180 mg of EPA
  • 120 mg of DHA

If it’s difficult to administer a capsule to your dog, you can simply break the gel casing open and pour the oil on to your dog’s food or treats. Each capsule contains omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants to protect your dog’s cells from free radicals.


  • Helps relieve dandruff
  • Can be poured over food
  • Easy for dogs to chew
  • For all dog breeds


  • Dogs may not like the fish flavor
  • May not be suitable for pregnant dogs

If your dog suffers with dry, itchy skin and patchy fur, Nutri-Vet supplements can fix the problem. The supplements are suitable for dogs of all sizes, but they may be difficult to administer to puppies.

4. Finn Skin & Coat Salmon Oil Supplement

Finn Skin & Coat Salmon Oil Supplement

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Finn is a salmon oil supplement that you can add to your dog’s food to provide missing nutrients to their diet. The oil is made with wild Alaskan salmon to moisturize your dog’s skin and coat. Additionally, it contains omega-3 fatty acids to improve mobility.

Key Features

  • NASC Certified
  • Beef liver flavor
  • FDA-registered
  • Contains Vitamin E

The Finn oil supplement helps alleviate shedding. What’s more, if your dog has a dull coat, the fish oil will add shine and moisture to their fur. The omega-3 and the vitamins and minerals in the supplements support cognitive function too.


  • Best for older dogs
  • Easy to administer
  • Flavorful
  • Made with natural ingredients


  • Some dogs don’t like the taste
  • Can cause diarrhea

This oil supplement is for all dog breeds and sizes, and it contains antioxidants to protect your pooch from free radicals. The soft chews are ideal to manage your dog’s dental health.

 5. Natural Dog Company Skin And Coat Chews

Natural Dog Company Skin And Coat Chews

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Natural Dog Company chews are made from fresh salmon and peas but also contain other healthy ingredients such as omega-3 and -6. The omega, NDA, and DHA work together to promote a shiny, healthy coat and moisturize dry skin. These ingredients also improve your dog’s cognitive development.

Key Features

  • 150 mg of hemp seed powder
  • 100% all-natural
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Alaskan salmon oil

One of the benefits of Natural Dog Company chews is that they’re made from organic ingredients with no preservatives or artificial colorants. The chews are formulated to relieve itchy skin and allergies.


  • Dogs love the flavor
  • Prevents skin irritation
  • Easy to administer
  • For puppies and older dogs


  • May not be suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Doesn’t have a pleasant fragrance

Dog owners who’ve tried these chews state that it helps keep their pets’ coats soft and prevents shedding. These dog supplements can also clear up hotspots. Simply administer the right dose according to your dog’s weight.

Best Skin And Coat Supplement For Dogs Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know what the best dog supplements are for dogs, how do you choose the right product? This short buyer’s guide will help you pick the type of skin and coat supplement that’s easy to administer and one that works for all types of dog breeds.

Types Of Supplements For Dogs

There are various forms of coat and skin supplements for dogs. Some are easier to administer than others, especially if you have a puppy or a fussy eater. These supplements may all have some of the same ingredients, but they have different forms such as:

  • Powder: This type of dog supplement is ground down to a grainy or fine powder. The supplement comes in various flavors such as chicken or beef, and it can be mixed in with wet food. You can also mix a bit of water with the powder and pour it over your dog’s pellets.
  • Capsules: Ingredients are in powder or oil form and placed inside a capsule. This type of supplement can be difficult to administer to dogs directly. If you struggle to get your pooch to take pills, you can break the capsule open and mix the contents with your pet’s food.
  • Oils: An oil supplement is best for dogs that have dry skin and coats. Your dog can lick the oil of a spoon or you can mix it in with your pet’s food. Oils may not be suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Treats: Dog supplements that come in the form of chews are easier to administer because they come in different flavors dogs love. You can also use them to train your dog. Supplements in the form of treats clean your dog’s teeth and promote a healthy gut.

Common Ingredients In Dog Supplements

One of the main ingredients in any dog supplement for skin and coat is omega fatty acids derived from fish oil or flaxseeds. Omegas keep your dog’s skin moisturized and relieve skin allergies. Biotin or vitamin B is also another common ingredient that improves your dog’s hair growth and shine.

You may find additional ingredients in dog supplements such as:

  • Vitamin C
  • DHA and NDA
  • Vitamin A
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Yucca schidigera

Additional ingredients may have added benefits such as improving your dog’s cognitive function or reducing inflammation in muscles and joints. For example, the yucca schidigera that’s also a common ingredient in dog supplements has antioxidants to protect your pet from free radicals.

Ingredients To Avoid

There are dog supplements on the market that have ingredients that could harm your dog’s overall health. If you want to choose a safe skin and coat supplement for your pooch, then avoid products that contain:

  • Artificial colorants
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial flavoring
  • Cornstarch
  • Lactose
  • Calcium phosphate
  • Lecithin
  • Cellulose
  • Alginic acid
  • Crospovidone
  • Silica
  • Sorbitol
  • Fructose

Artificial flavoring or sweeteners can feed viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, artificial colorants can lead to cancer. Any inorganic substance inside supplements could cause additional problems such as diarrhea or allergic reactions. Always do research on the ingredients found on the packaging to ensure it’s safe for your dog to eat.

How To Choose The Right Dog Supplement

Choosing the right dog supplement will make it easier for you to administer the dosage. and it will benefit your pooch in the long run. Here are some things to consider when buying a supplement for your dog’s skin and coat.

  • Flavor: Beef and chicken seem to be the best choice if the supplement has a flavor. Not many dogs like fish-flavored supplements.
  • Check labels: Ensure the supplement contains all beneficial ingredients and none of the ones you need to avoid.
  • NASC Approval: With a NASC label, you’ll know your dog’s supplement is made with quality ingredients that are safe to consume.
  • Brands: The best brand that makes quality supplements is Zesty Paws. Choose a brand that does clinical studies to prove their supplements work well for dogs.


What vitamins are good for a dog’s skin and coat?

To promote healthy skin and coat, you should give your dog supplements that contain vitamin A, vitamin B, and riboflavin.

Are there natural supplements you can add to dog food?

Yes, you can add fish oil to your dog’s food or allow your dog to eat deboned sardines. Raw sardines have omega fatty acids and vitamins such as B12 to promote healthy skin and coat.

Are there CBD supplements for dogs?

Yes, there are many brands, such as the Natural Dog Company, that make CBD supplements for dogs. These supplements have additional benefits such as keeping your dog calm or promoting a healthy gut.


If your dog has a dull coat and dry red skin, it may be time for you to get a skin and coat supplement to fix the problem. A dull coat and irritated skin are signs of a deficiency. A healthy dose of vitamins and minerals every day will give your dog a shiny coat and moisturized skin. Vitamins can also boost your dog’s energy and improve gut health.

Use the above guide to pick the right supplement in our list of reviews. We recommend Zesty Paws or Natural Dog Company. Both brands make dog supplements that are tasty and contain healthy ingredients that will benefit your dog’s skin and coat.

If you have any comments or first-hand experiences with skin and coat supplements for dogs, please post them below or share your pictures via our social media.  

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