5 Best Flea Collar For Dogs

Updated: October 14th, 2022

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As a pet owner, there’s no escaping the fact you’ll have to deal with the issue of fleas and ticks at some point in the year. And let’s be honest, without solutions like the best flea collar for dogs, these parasites can be a pain in the neck. 

I’m talking about a frustrated and miserable dog, the possibility of a full-blown pest infection in your house, utter discomfort for you and your family, you name it.

Luckily, you have a myriad of options to choose from, but not all pooches take well to the more popular options of flea treatment like spot-on products, sprays, or tablets. 

Flea collars, on the other hand, barely get any resistance from dogs because of their simplicity. They work for just about any dog, including those that are not too enthusiastic about other flea treatment alternatives. 

My guess is that you want to know which flea collar will bring your dog (and you) that much-needed relief. Because there are those that won’t work, however expensive they are. These collars can also be used together with bark collars, so in case you use one – know it’s a possibility!

Well, that’s what this review and guide is about, and to start you off, here’s a quick look at what I found to be the most effective flea and tick collars for your pet, taking into consideration the type, versatility, ingredients, and other factors. 

Our 5 Best Flea Collar For Dogs

An Overview of the Best Flea Collar For Dogs

  • Starts the flea and tick killing process quickly, bringing rapid relief
  • The formula is water resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Reflects light up to 450 feet for night safety
  • Designed to solve flea problems in small dogs provided they are above 12 weeks of age
  • Natural deterrent to fleas and ticks
  • Pleasant smell to both your pooch and humans but horrible to pesky fleas and ticks
  • The collar is water resistant, meaning it can continue to repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes even in wet weather
  • Contains active ingredients that kill fleas and ticks on contact
  • Designed for large dogs and puppies
  • Better than monthly topical treatments
  • Lethal to fleas and ticks for seven months
  • Fleas and ticks die before delivering painful bites
  • Water resistance

What’s The Best Flea Collar For Dogs? (+ Reviews)

Understandably, the answer as to what is the best flea collar will differ from one pet parent to another. Dog flea collar reviews (like the ones here) offer an inside look at that question and will even reveal more about these products that you didn’t know. 

1. Seresto Eight-Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar – Best Overall

Seresto Eight-Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar

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For doggy parents asking themselves how to get rid of fleas on dogs, this Seresto Flea Collar does just that. It is very effective in dealing with fleas because of its dual approach of both acting as repellent as well as killing fleas. 

Key Features

  • Kills both fleas and ticks
  • Slow release of active ingredients kills fleas and tick before their painful bites
  • Easy-to-use, adjustable collar is non-greasy
  • Starts to kill fleas within 48 hours of application

The active ingredients in this collar are odorless, making it easier for your pooch to wear the collar with less distress. 

Imidacloprid and Flumethrin are the two main ingredients used in this product. The former controls flea infestation while the latter serves to prevent fleas and ticks from using your pooch as their host by repelling both nymphs and larvae and preventing them from growing. This eventually wipes out the population, leaving your pooch flea and tick free. 


  • Starts the flea and tick killing process quickly, bringing rapid relief
  • The formula is water resistant, ensuring your pooch is protected from fleas and ticks for up to eight months


  • The chemicals in this formula are toxic to humans and should be used on dogs only and kept away from children

What makes this product the best overall is that it’s easy to use, with a longevity of eight months, in addition to being waterproof. Also, the fact that it is highly effective in both repelling and killing fleas and ticks is a major plus. 

2. Hartz UltraGuard Pro Reflective Flea & Tick Collar – Best Value

Hartz UltraGuard Pro Reflective Flea & Tick Collar

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This product works both for adult dogs as well as puppies (aged 12 weeks and older)and has the reliable ability of ridding your pooch of pesky fleas and ticks by killing the larvae and disrupting their life cycles, rendering populating impossible. 

Key Features

  • Kills both fleas and ticks
  • Kills larvae ensuring that populations are quickly reduced and eventually wiped out
  • Effective for a period of seven months
  • Designed for puppies as well as adult dogs 

The gradual release of this formula ensures that ticks and fleas are killed upon contact. This means that your pooch does not have to endure painful flea and tick bites in order for the pests to die. 


  • Water resistant and continues to fight fleas even on wet days
  • Reflects light up to 450 feet for night safety, a thoughtful addition to an already effective product
  • Designed to solve flea problems in small dogs provided they are above 12 weeks of age

With this collar, your adult and/or small dogs and puppies can enjoy relief from fleas and ticks, thanks to its ability to effectively kill flea eggs preventing them from hatching and avoiding infestations. It’s also affordable and given the results it delivers, plus impressive ratings from users, it the best value product on this list.

3. Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea, Tick, & Mosquito Dog Collar – Best Natural Repellant 

Only Natural Pet EasyDefense Flea, Tick, & Mosquito Dog Collar

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Doggy parents who prefer organic products have not been left out. There is no reason why your canine buddy should suffer from fleas when this natural flea and tick repellant has been formulated for your pooch. If you happen to live in a mosquito-infested environment, it will ward those off too. 

Key Features

  • Uses essential oils that are natural plant extracts
  • Repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes
  • 100 % free of pesticides and toxins
  • Protects up to four months

The botanicals used in this essential oil formulation include peppermint and geranium. Although they exude a pleasant scent to your pooch and humans, ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes are disgusted by the scent and would rather keep off your pooch. 


  • Natural deterrent to fleas and ticks 
  • Pleasant smell to both your pooch and humans but horrible to pesky fleas and ticks
  • The collar is water resistant, meaning it can continue to repel fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes even in wet weather 


  • Only viable for pets that do not already have ticks and fleas
  • Cannot be used on puppies under four months of age

A non-toxic option free of synthetic chemicals seems to be a welcome flea and tick deterrent for many pet owners who prefer to use organic products. You’ll love the fact that the scent is pleasant enough for you and your pooch but intolerable to mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. 

4. Adams Plus Flea & Tick Collar – Best For Whole Body Protection

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Collar

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If you are suffering from a flea infestation or you would simply like to prevent one, the Adams Plus Flea & Tick Collar can help you out. The formulation offers superior pest control by killing fleas and ticks and their larvae. 

Key Features

  • Kills both ticks and fleas as well as nymphs and larvae of both
  • Ingredients kill fleas and ticks across the animal’s whole body
  • Water resistant
  • Offers seven months of protection even through the wet seasons

Looking at flea collars for dogs reviews, it appears most users of this collar love the fact the formulation goes to work quickly and kills fleas and ticks on contact, sparing your pooch the agony of tick and flea bites. The active ingredient spreads across the whole body via your pooch’s natural body oils and manages to kill pests in all remote areas. 


  • Contains active ingredients that kill fleas and ticks on contact
  • Better than monthly topical treatments, as this collar is effective for up to seven months
  • Designed for large dogs and puppies


  • Quite toxic; harmful if it penetrates you dog’s skin and can cause irritation to eyes and your skin, so direct contact should be avoided. 

In short, this formulation is effective and will quickly cut off the life cycle of both fleas and ticks and efficiently restore your pooch’s comfort within a short time. It also maintains that comfort for up to seven months. 

5. Zodiac Flea & Tick Collar – Best For Adult Dogs & Puppies 

Zodiac Flea & Tick Collar

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Zodiac assures your pet rapid relief. This collar kills both fleas and ticks upon contact and works from head to tail, ensuring there is nowhere for the pests to hide. 

Key Features

  • Water resistant
  • Works to kill fleas and ticks on contact
  • Remains effective for up to seven  months
  • Whole body protection

This product works to kill adult fleas and ticks, including those which may be carrying Lyme disease. By killing adults, it means there is less mating and the population rapidly dwindles. 


  • Lethal to fleas and ticks for seven months
  • Fleas and ticks die before delivering painful bites
  • Water resistance ensures the formulation remains active even when it is wet
  • Works across the entire body as active ingredients spread through your pooch’s body oils


  • Highly toxic and dogs should not be near children when wearing this collar

With such efficacy in killing both adult fleas and ticks for a duration of seven months, you have little to worry about in regards to the chances of an infestation with this collar. 

Important Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Flea & Tick Collar For Dogs 

Pet parents opting to use dog flea collars may prefer the chemical versions or a natural one. There are also other crucial features to consider when buying a dog flea collar:

Natural Vs. Chemical Flea Collars

Most chemical flea collars tend to be more effective if you’re looking to kill adult fleas or larvae. Reading the label on the flea collar correctly will help you to know whether the chemical flea collar option will actually kill an infestation, kill larvae, or do both. Some chemicals will accomplish neither. 

Chemical flea collars should be handled with care, and you should wash your hands after handling the collar. The chemical is not meant to be ingested by your pooch and should therefore be fastened properly to prevent any accidents. 

Natural options for flea collars are often made from essential oils which are natural plant extracts. Pyrethrins are also effective flea killers while at the same time are known for their safety for humans and domestic mammals. This ingredient is extracted from chrysanthemum flowers. 

Nonetheless, flea and tick collars for dogs reviews from doggie parents seem to suggest that the chemical flea collar options are more favored due to their effectiveness

Repellents Vs. Pesticides

If your dog has not already been infested with fleas, it makes sense to use a repellent, as this can ward off any fleas trying to make a meal of your pooch. 

However, if your canine buddy is already suffering from an infestation of fleas, you want to get a flea collar that has a strong pesticide capable of either killing adult fleas or sterilizing eggs and larvae so that the fleas cannot reproduce and will eventually die out. 

Water Resistance

Be sure to choose a water-resistant flea collar so that the effectiveness of the collar is not compromised in wet conditions. 

Size And Adjustability

Since the flea collar will likely stay on your pooch for extended periods of time, it is important to choose a flea collar with good adjustability and one that fits your dog’s physical size, ensuring comfort while reducing any chances of rubbing. 

Protection Period

Today, you will find flea collars with extensive longevity, offering protection of up to nine months. This gives you options, depending on your needs. 


Since every pet’s needs vary, a pet owner will have to gauge whether they need a flea repellent or flea killer. In the event that you have an infestation, then you may need to go with a more potent flea collar option for maximum effectiveness. 

Tick Protection

To save on cost and time, it does work better to get a flea collar that repels both fleas and ticks. So, be sure to check if the flea collar that you get works on both for the sake of your dog’s comfort. 

Who Should Buy A Flea Collar? 

As a pet owner, you will have to contend with fleas at some point. And if you are one of those pet parents who prefer a low-maintenance option, then a dog flea and tick collar is likely to work well for you. Most dog collars remain effective for three to nine months, ensuring you do not have to worry about fleas on your pooch for that duration. 

When it comes to using flea and tick collars for dogs, all you have to do is simply get the dog flea collar on your pooch’s neck, and let it go to work getting rid of pesky fleas and ticks. 

In case your canine buddy has had reactions with other flea deterrents like spot treatments, or just doesn’t like taking tablets, dog flea collars are a good alternative because of their simplicity and ease of use. Just put it on your dog, and forget it! 

However, if your dog is prone to irritation from wearing a collar for too long, then perhaps this option might not be the best for your pooch. You can try flea shampoos or go ahead and remove the ticks or fleas manually, as shown in the video below:

How These Collars Work

It seems almost too good to be true, that you can actually get rid of fleas on your furry buddy by simply getting her to wear some of the best flea collars for dogs. But it works!

The best flea and tick collars for dogs can kill or prevent ticks and fleas in several ways. Some flea collars kill fleas through chemicals such as:

  • Amitraz – An ingredient commonly found in flea prevention products 
  • Pyriproxifen – This ingredient does an excellent job of targeting flea eggs and larvae. It sterilizes them, making them unable to mature and effectively disrupting the life cycle of fleas
  • Propoxur – An ingredient that is highly toxic but incredibly effective. It causes the fleas’ nervous systems to break down within 24 hours of exposure. A collar with this ingredient should be handled with care, and your pooch should not be allowed near children while wearing a collar containing this ingredient. 

For doggy parents who are not too keen on using flea collars with chemicals, there is always an option of using flea collars that contain natural flea killing agents such as essential oils or pyrethrins. It should be noted that chemical flea collars are generally more effective than their natural counterparts. 

In the case of flea collar repellents, both chemical and natural flea collars work by emitting a gas or scent that repels pests. Flea killing collars work in two ways: one is by slowly releasing a formulation that seeps into your dog’s fat layer. In this case, a flea would have to bite your dog for the toxin to take effect. 

The second method is that the ingredients are gradually released by the flea collar and spread on your dog’s body by way of her natural skin oils, killing ticks and fleas on contact even before they bite. 

So when buying a dog flea collar, be sure to read the label properly so that you know whether you are buying a chemical-based flea collar or a natural one and how to properly handle and apply it for everyone’s safety.

Can You Use These Collars For All Dogs?

When it comes to special cases such as puppies, pregnant dogs, nursing mother dogs,  and senior doggies, I always recommend that you check with your vet first. 

Generally speaking, flea collars can be used on pups, but if the flea collar contains ingredients such as Pyriproxifen, your pups should be more than seven weeks old. Again, read the label and packaging for instructions.

Ingredients such as pyrethrum, linalool, and limonene are gentler and may work with pups that are four to six weeks old. 

Before using a flea collar on the any of the above mentioned dogs, first check with your vet in order to ensure that you are using the right product for your pooch’s special needs. 

Can I Use A Cat Flea Collar For My Dog? 

Using a cat flea collar on your dog, or vice versa, is not recommended. This is for the simple reason that your dog and cat’s physiology are completely different. What works for one may not work for the other. 

The ridding of fleas may be rendered ineffective or even harmful due to overdosage or under dosage when you use a cat flea collar on a dog or the other way around.

So, be sure to specifically buy a flea collar that was made for your cat and one that is specific to your pooch in the event that you need collars for your both.


Fleas and ticks are no doubt every dog and dog parent’s nightmare. They are not just a nuisance for your pooch; a dog with fleas can easily infest the whole house as well. So, it is in your best interest to find a solution that works for your pooch’s comfort and your own peace of mind. 

Flea and tick collars are a great, hassle-free, and low-maintenance option that effectively kill fleas at a relatively low cost. The Seresto Eight-Month Flea & Tick Prevention Collar, the best overall in this review, would be a great option to start with because of its longevity, versatility, quick action, and the impressive feedback from pet owners already using it. 

For pet owners who want a solution that offers the best value, is a natural repellant, or is as effective on puppies as it is on adults, the rest of the collars on this list have you covered.

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