A golden retriever puppy laying smiling on white background

What Should You Put In A Dog Crate And Where To Put It? / FotoJagodka So far in my series of articles on crate training I’ve covered the many benefits it offers, debunked the myth of it being cruel, discussed when you should and should not use a crate, and finally how to choose the right size and type of crate to suit your dog. There’s just two things remaining that need ...

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what size dog crate do you need written beside a golden retriever puppy in a basket

What Size Dog Crate Do You Need? Which Type Is Best?

© JLSnader / Adobe Stock In a previous article I detailed the many benefits using a dog crate can provide for both you and your dog. I then dispelled the myth of using a dog crate being cruel…as long as you use it correctly! I then followed up with advice on both when you should as well as when you ...

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