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Updated: October 13th, 2022

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Originally bred to retrieve shot waterfowl and serve as gun dogs, golden retrievers are one of the most popular family dogs. Despite their huge popularity and purebred status, you can still adopt purebred goldens from golden retriever rescues in New York state.

Before you start researching different golden retriever breeders in New York state, consider adopting or fostering a rescue dog. While it might not seem like it at first, rescued dogs come with certain benefits!

If you decide to purchase a puppy from a breeder, be prepared to spend a lot of time on obedience training and house training. On the other hand, most rescued golden retrievers are already fully potty trained and know basic commands.

To help you provide a forever home for a golden retriever of your dreams, I’ve found the best golden retriever rescues in the state of New York. Keep one reading to find out how to adopt a golden retriever in need!

Best Golden Retriever Rescues In New York State

Highly trainable, friendly, and active, golden retrievers make awesome pets to people of all ages and families with children. Medium to large in size, these athletic and energetic dogs need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and in good shape.

Whether you are interested in adopting or fostering a golden retriever, you are probably wondering what are the best golden retriever rescues in New York state. Furthermore, most of these rescues are always looking for helping hands and you can always sign up to be a volunteer and help find homes for goldens in need.

Without further ado, here are some golden retriever rescues in New Your state you have to check out!

1. Golden Retriever Rescue Operated With Love Statewide

Golden Retriever Rescue Operated With Love StatewideThe GRROWLS-NY, Inc. is located in Syracuse, New York, and works as an all-volunteer, non-profit rescue organization. Their goal is to find new homes for purebred golden retrievers and their mixes who have been abandoned, mistreated, or lost by their previous owners. This rescue also takes in goldens whose owners are no longer able to continue caring for them.

Like most other reputable rescue organizations, GRROWLS is strongly committed to helping prospective owners understand the golden retriever breed. They are also there to help new owners get prepared for bringing a new puppy home and to know what to expect from the first couple of weeks.

This rescue has a fairly straightforward adoption process. If you are interested in adopting a golden retriever through this rescue, you will have to fill out an adoption application first. Before matching you with a particular dog, the rescue will arrange a home visit so they can understand your environment and lifestyle.

It’s worth noting that this rescue doesn’t post pictures of available dogs and is committed to making the best possible matches for their dogs based on other factors.

2. Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue

Located in Port Washington, New York, the Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue is a registered dog rescue group that has been rescuing golden retrievers and their mixes since 2005. Over the years, the group’s volunteers have rescued many abandoned, abused, and surrendered golden retrievers and placed them in forever homes.

The Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue takes in dogs from different backgrounds. Some of these dogs are well-behaved and cared for pets whose owners have passed away, while some goldens come with a history of abuse or neglect.

A thing worth noting about Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue is that most of their dogs come from kill shelters in the South and are placed as direct adoptions. This means that approved applicants will meet a dog through pictures, email, and adoption coordinator. If the dog is with a Southern foster, you’ll receive the foster family’s details and contact information.

If you have any reservations about long-distance adoption, then this isn’t the right rescue for you. But if you don’t mind, feel free to check out this rescue group and fill out the adoption application.

3. Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue

The Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue is a non-profit organization located in Plainview, New York.

Operated solely by volunteers, this organization is dedicated to improving the lives of golden retrievers that were neglected, abandoned, or abused by their owners. This group also provides services to owners who can’t continue to take care of their goldens.

The Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue provides veterinary care and loving forever homes to all golden retrievers, from puppies to seniors. The best thing about this rescue is that they have been involved in several international rescue operations.

If you’re interested in adopting a golden from this rescue, know that instead of an adoption fee you’ll be asked to pay a donation. At this time, donations start at $250 for senior golden retrievers and go up to $800 for puppies under six-months or international dogs.

4. New York State Retriever Rescue

New York State Retriever RescueThe New York State Retriever Rescue is located in Bayport New York and is made up from a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to finding forever homes for their golden retrievers. This organization is always looking for more volunteers and loving foster homes, so don’t hesitate to see if you can help in any way.

This organization has a list of available adoptable dogs on their site and you just need to fill out an adoption application if you are interested in adoption. Once the staff reviews your application, they will contact you to set up a home visit. The rescue’s main goal is to find forever homes for their goldens and ensure the prospective new owners understand the dog’s needs.

Like all other non-profit rescue organizations, the New York State Retriever Rescue has set adoption fees. An adoption fee for dogs aged eight and older is $250 while adoption fees for dogs younger than eight years’ old come at $450. If you are looking to adopt a golden retriever puppy, expect to pay a fee of $525 for golden retriever pups that are up to one-year-old.

All golden retrievers that come in New York State Retriever Rescue are evaluated and taken to their vets for a complete health exam. Before leaving for their forever home, all dogs receive the necessary shots and have fecal and heartworm tests.

If a golden retriever isn’t already spayed or neutered when they come to the rescue, they will be desexed as soon as possible. And if for whatever reason you can suddenly no longer care for your adopted golden, this rescue will take the dog back and try to find it another home.

Bear in mind, since they are located in Long Island, this organization generally only adopts their dogs in a 60-mile radius. If you live on Long Island or New York Metro Area and want to adopt a golden retriever, check out this rescue.

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FAQ About Golden Retriever Rescues In New York

Is There A Golden Retriever Rescue?

There are countless breed-specific golden retriever rescues across the state that take in and care for only purebred golden retrievers and their mixes. If you are looking to welcome a golden retriever into your home, contact your local shelter or breed-specific rescue groups to see if they have any goldens available for adoption.

If you take this route, you will need to fill out adoption papers, pass the home visit, and wait for a rescue to pair you with a perfect dog.

Keep in mind that most rescues have adoption fees and that you will have to pay something before taking the dog home. However, the cost of adoption is much lower than the cost of purchasing a golden retriever from a breeder, so you’ll end up saving some money.


Whether you want to adopt, volunteer with a rescue group, or apply to foster dogs, there are many great golden retriever rescues in the state of New York. Comprised solely from dedicated volunteers, these non-profit organizations are committed to finding the best forever homes and help golden retrievers in need. If you want to make a difference and change a dog’s life, check out:

  • The New York State Retriever Rescue
  • Long Island Golden Retriever Rescue
  • Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue
  • Golden Retriever Rescue Operated With Love Statewide

Each one of these rescues cares about golden retrievers in need and might be the place where you will find the right dog to take home.

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