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The Miniature Golden Retriever written beside a golden retriever puppy lying on a white blanket

The Miniature Golden Retriever – What is it Exactly?

Imagine everything you love about a Golden Retriever – their friendly temperament, absolute loyalty, and loving playfulness – but in a smaller size. Sounds pretty good, right? Enter the Miniature Golden Retriever, a dog who is exactly that. The Miniature is one of the latest ‘designer breeds’ that are taking the canine world by storm as would-be owners seek out their ...

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The best dog foods for picky eaters written next to a golden not eating some kibble

Best Dog Food For Picky Eaters – Let’s Feed the Fussy! / karammiriMany owners will never know the trials and tribulations of caring for a dog that's a picky eater. In fact, they might have the polar opposite problem – a dog that inhales their food before it touches the ground! Fussy eaters can be frustrating, however, but thankfully there are feeding methods and certain foods that are known to encourage even ...

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How to train your golden to give or drop written beside a man trying to get a tennis ball from a golden retriever

Train Your Golden to Give or Drop Any Item on Cue

All dogs are different but if there’s one thing that every Golden Retriever loves doing, it’s putting things in their mouth. Usually this is playful and harmless — chewing on their favorite toy, for instance — but sometimes you’ll catch them gnashing down on something inappropriate, like your brand new pair of shoes! While it’s impossible to completely stop your Golden picking things ...

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How to cut your golden retrievers nails written beside one having their nails trimmed

How To Cut Your Golden Retriever’s Nails

© WavebreakMediaMicro / Adobe StockCutting your dog’s nails is one of those ‘scary’ grooming tasks that’s incredibly easy to keep putting off. What with a fidgeting dog and worrying about accidentally cutting the quick, it can certainly pose difficulties. But it doesn’t have to be hard; you can certainly cut your dog’s nails quickly, effectively and safely if you start prepared, ...

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