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Lauren Corona

Lauren Corona lives in Oxfordshire, UK with her kooky canine companion, Nola. She has written about dogs and other animals for such websites as The Daily Puppy and Paw Nation. You can follow her on Twitter @lozbearwrites.
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Best electronic doggie doors for golden retrievers written beside one laying in front of a blue door

Best Electronic Doggie Doors For Golden Retrievers

 © / chendongshanWhen you want to go outside, you go outside. When you need to go to the bathroom, you go to the bathroom.Your dog doesn't have the luxury of doing these things right when they want to.But they could!Even the most dedicated of pet-owners aren't available to let their pets in and out whenever they want, 24 hours ...

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Best Dog Brushes for Golden Retrievers

One important job for dog parents is making sure their four-legged friends are kept neat and tidy. This isn’t so much for your benefit (though it can mean less hair shedding on sofas and carpets) but to keep your dog happy, healthy and comfortable. As a breed with a medium to long flowing coat, grooming a golden retriever is extremely ...

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