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Jim Wright
"Jim Wright is a freelancer who has previously written about fish, snakes, lizards, and hedgehogs. He is delighted to now shift his focus and share his experiences raising his perpetual puppy, Stitch the Black Lab (and a cantankerous old German Shepherd named Lucy). Jim lives east of Toronto, where he writes and designs marketing material for small businesses. He can be reached at [email protected]."
Train golden retriever to come when called written beside a golden running toward camera on grass

Training Your Golden Retriever To Come On Command

You know what’s one of the best things about having a close friend? When you need them, they come when you call them, no matter what they’re doing. They just drop it and hustle on over. Well, the same should be true about “man’s best friend”, too! One of the most vital (and rewarding!) commands you can teach your Golden ...

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Identifying and dealing with allergies written beside a golden retriever scratching sat on grass

Identifying and Dealing With Allergies

Anyone who has ever tried to self-diagnose a medical condition using the internet has discovered how many conditions show the same symptoms. Figuring out why your dog is scratching incessantly can be just as frustrating. Is it dry skin? Is it fleas? Or is it a sign that your Golden has developed an allergy to something? Some studies suggest that ...

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