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Jet Perreault
Jet M. Perreault is a professional dog groomer of 18 years, has experience of the dog show circuit, has managed pet shops and grooming salons, and been a successful breeder of Miniature Pinschers. Currently a freelance writer, she graduated from Michigan State University after earning a bachelors degree in English with an emphasis on creative writing. She is a hobby-farm owner and lives near Lansing, Michigan, with her family, four dogs and many other animals. Read more posts from this author...
A golden retriever running through the sea on a beach toward camera

14 Best Ways To Exercise Your Golden Retriever

Making sure your golden retriever gets plenty of exercise is about more than just keeping your pooch healthy. While exercise is necessary to ensure your dog doesn’t get too heavy or develop other health problems from inactivity, it also gives you a unique opportunity to bond. Keep in mind that healthy adult golden retrievers should get about an hour of ...

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Grooming your golden written beside a GR looking at 3 portraits of goldens being groomed

Golden Retriever Grooming – What Tasks Need Doing?

To keep your golden retriever healthy and happy, you need to stay on top of grooming. Just like humans, dogs must be regularly groomed to stay clean and because of a Golden’s long fur, it is essential for preventing matting, which can be painful for your dog and even cause skin trouble. But grooming your Golden Retriever isn’t simply coat care ...

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